4 Holiday Looks To Match Your Mood

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 19/11/2019 15:14

Imaginary snow has fallen, Christmas playlists are causing office riots, gifting stress is real – it’s time to unwrap those Holiday Looks before it’s too late. Since we’re not all about the bigger the party, the better, I’ve based these holiday looks on different moods. So whether you feel like snuggling up and watching Love Actually for the millionth time or spilling champagne and causing party-girl havoc, you’ll find the perfect outfit and clothes here.  

1. When all you want is to be in your pajamas and a Christmas sweater

Ain’t no party like a crash on the couch party, at least for some of us. If the most exciting part of the Holiday season is hanging out, reading the books you were gifted, feasting on your favorite foods and complaining about how bloated you are while still eating your third dessert, this is the holiday look for you.

I hate to be the one to break it to you but it’s still a festive month and a little bit of effort will go a long way. So yes, you’ll have to slip out of your pajamas but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to depart from comfort. I’d suggest to find yourself a Christmassy, Nordic sweater with a jacquard print that is nice and baggy, comfy but not sloppy. ‘Funny’ Christmas sweaters are nothing but a joke on yourself, so please just don’t…. Then for the trousers, I’m completely sold on velvet pants – they feel soft and pajama-like but still have a festive quality to them. Besides velvet, you could also go for wide-leg trousers form a stretchy cotton-modal blend and satin, as long as they sit comfortably below or on the waist. Elastic waistbands are always a major plus. Then, when it’s time to hit the dinner table have a pair of big, showstopping earrings ready to instantly dress up your look.

2. When you feel like bringing you’re A-fashion-game

Move over turkey, gifts and New Year countdowns – you’re the main event of this holiday season in the most ‘fashion’ of the holiday looks. A look that causes puzzled faces on your cousins who think Jacquemus is a French dessert, a look that says you don’t follow rules.  

Fashion clichés are not for you so you’re staying far away from velvet dresses, sparkles and tulle skirts. Instead, you’re going to base your outfit around a T-shirt. A T-shirt! For Christmas! How avant-garde of you! Make it an ice-breaking one; if your grandparents haven’t commented on your outfit you’ve failed. Then you’re going to be doing some serious mixing and matching with prints and colors and everything you can think of. I’d say go for a chic pair of patterned wide-leg trousers, for just a little bit of traditional sparkle you could go for some sequined pants as well. Then add a blazer on top or for more comfort a chunky cardigan in a contrasting color – or if that’s a little too much you can go for a color that matches your trousers. Finish it off with some unbelievably cool heels and a quirky bag and you’re good to go.

3. When 'All I Want For Christmas' has got you feeling very Mariah Carey

No one, I mean no one is coming between you and the Christmas themed karaoke this year. You’re feeling your most Mariah Carey self and with that comes an appropriate amount of glitz and glam, so bring on all the sparkle you can find.

If you feel like embracing and showing off all that feminine glory, one way to do that is the 90s superstar way with short, strappy dresses covered in sequins. Sparkly slip dresses are real party hits (the fashion equivalent of when the DJ puts Single Ladies on) but if it’s a little bit too much skin for your family gathering, opt for a sequin skirt and match it with tight black body top and a blazer. Hoop earrings are very much necessary for this look as well as strappy heels; the more 90s the better. Throw anything faux-fur into the mix, form little jackets to bags and you’re really bringing all the retro glamour you possibly can.  

4. When you’re feeling like your most wholesome self

Sometimes Christmas brings out the worst in us (binge-watching, family feuds, competitiveness in charades, terrible baking skills) but in other special cases, it brings out the best. For those of you who can wow a crowd with wholesomeness, this is the outfit for you. Or for those who want to at least dress the part you’re very welcome to copy this look as well.

So this is where things get a little more traditional, but you don’t have to give in to looking super up-tight. If you’re dining at your in-laws, have a fancy office party that’s a little more uptight or you simply can’t be bothered to disappoint your posh family again – keeping it safe is a good idea. I’d go for a classic shift dress with a blazer on top as a base – then you can style it to however far you want to go. Belt the blazer for an unexpected yet classy twist, tie a silk scarf around your bun or pick a pair of fashion tights that have a subtle polka dot or other print. And when in doubt, get yourself a headband – there’s nothing quite like a headband to say you’re a kind sensible person, plus they’re in fashion so it’s a win-win situation. 

There you go, four Holiday Looks for different moods. Hopefully, you’ve found yourself relating to at least one of the moods and can build your outfit out of this inspiration. Enough about you? (as if!) check out our gift guide for men and gift guide for women. 

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