Our Winter Wardrobe Essentials

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 04/12/2019 10:56

There are two kinds of people in the world, the kind that shivers at the thought of Winter coming their way and the kind that feel a little spark of joy knowing they can unpack their Winter Wardrobe Essentials again. I found a few Fashiola Colleagues that fall in the latter category and they shared their Winter Wardrobe Essentials are. Winter, we’re ready for you.

What are Winter Wardrobe Essentials?

Winter Wardrobe essentials are anything you just can’t do without in the colder months, can be anything from cashmere scarves to woolly sweaters and knee-high boots. When all you want to do is wrap yourself in fluffy blankets and sit on the couch with tea, they give you the courage to step out in style.

1. A puffer Jacket 

By Anna 

Coming from Norway I know a thing or two about staying warm when it's (literally) freezing outside. It may not snow as much here but stay warm and cozy in a puffer jacket is still one of my favorite ways to get through the winter in style. When I found this puffer jacket I was instantly sold, it ticked all the right boxes. First of all, it feels like you're walking around with a duvet wrapped around you and I can't think of a better way to walk around than that... I really wanted a jacket that wasn't like every other black sporty down jackets you see everywhere and I don't think anyone will disagree with me when I say that this one really does stand out. On top of all that it has a high collar which means I don't have to wear my pull neck scarf (another winter essential).

Our Winter Wardrobe Essentials-584

2. Headwear

By Joey

Headwear should top off any winter essentials list, literally. I have a collection of bucket hats, beanies, berets, baker boy caps and Russian-inspired furry hats on constant rotation when the temperatures start to drop. Not only do these humble (and underrated) accessories keep my head warm but they also complement bad hair days. I like to be playful with my headwear choices and am a huge fan of mixing up my outfits by introducing unexpected textures and fun pops of color. I am also a sucker when fashion meets practicality- not only is this bucket hat reversible (you get two bucket hats in one!) but the wide brim protects my face from heavy raindrops and serves as my last line of defense to save my morning skincare routine from washing away when I'm biking and caught in the rain.

Our Winter Wardrobe Essentials-584

3. A Turtleneck
By Melvin

To be quite fair, turtlenecks weren't love at first sight. It actually took me time and a lot of convincing to try on my first turtleneck knit and that was IT, that was the moment I became obsessed. There are items of clothing that keep you stylish and others that have the ability to transform your persona. The turtleneck can do both for you and that's why I chose it to be my winter essential. Also, who doesn't love functionality in their wardrobe? A turtleneck is a perfect excuse to not wear a scarf which sometimes can be a bit too much. To those of you fearing the Turtleneck, give it a try and I bet you'll fall in love with it the same way I did.

Our Winter Wardrobe Essentials-584

4. Leather Gloves
By Samantha

My winter essential would have to be my black leather gloves. These are a must for me every day during the winter season that gets me through a lot of cold days. The leather material is great because it is water-resistant so if you are outdoors in the winter and there is rain or snow you are covered. In addition to being water-resistant, leather gloves look very stylish. They can be worn for a day on the town, or a night out with friends and keep you winter-ready without compromising your fashion game. The best thing about my leather gloves is that the fingers are touch screen friendly, meaning I don’t have to remove my gloves to touch my phone to change a song or message a friend! This is a great addition and I couldn’t do without it. If you are looking for a winter essential that will serve you far beyond practically and also serve you fashionably, leather gloves are the answer.

Our Winter Wardrobe Essentials-584
5.Knitwear Set
By Teresa
Once you've discovered the absolute comfort a knitwear set can offer you, it's hard to go back to anything else. I love this knitwear set not only because it's unbelievably cozy and warm for colder days, but it's also stylish. I've got a serious thing for beige on beige outfits this winter and the shade mocha goes perfectly with my camel coat. It's definitely a go-to for my daytime weekend uniform teamed up with a pair of comfy sneakers and a whole lot of flat whites at brunch. Surprisingly, it's quite easy to elevate the loungewear look by simply swapping the sneakers with more sophisticated footwear like high ankle boots, who knew something so soft could be this stylish? I'm sold. 

Winter wardrobe essentials don't always have to be the cliche scarves and beanies, it's a fun challenge to find something utterly stylish that you can rely on throughout the frosty months. You can shop the winter wardrobe essentials mentioned in this blog below, so I'd say stop complaining about the cold and start shopping!


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