The 2 things every girl needs in Summer 2018

By Nicolina Bengtsson | Trends | 08/17/2018

As summer is fast approaching and we take a look at what is going to be hot in 2018 there are 2 must-have fashion pieces which will fill up your Instagram feed this year. Don't worry, these must-have pieces are not over the top or quirky high fashion they're two very simple things every girl needs and would have in their wardrobe. A summer's dress and the fashionable bag to go with it.

Things every girl needs

The IT dress of the season

Every year there is usually a must-have dress which the world of fashion focuses on. A few years ago we were crazy about lace detailing, last year saw the rise of the wrap-around dress and this year? Well this year's patterned maxi dresses get maximum attention - this is the summer dress of 2018. Right now polka dot dresses, stripes and floral prints are popular pattern trends for maxi dresses but i'm sure the fashion world will get more creative and wild with time!

must have accessories

Must have accessories 

The season's must have accessories just as fun - and easy to wear! Wicker bags are a super fashionable trend for the summer as if it's the beach bag's high-fashion big sisterAlthough for the most part wicker bags come in a tote or shoulder bags style, I must admit the Cult Gaia bags (as pretty as they are) don't seem the most practical if you, like me, have lots of nonsense in your handbag. If the weave on a straw bag is too wide and you can see straight into my handbag I might have to be more careful about what I carry around!

cult gaia bags

How can you own the things every girl needs?

Thankfully the 'it' trends of the summer season are not about to bankrupt you this year. Online stores are inundated with different styles of beautifully crafted maxi dresses and there are plenty imitation Cult Gaia bags available on the market. Check out how you can own the things every girl needs for under 150 bucks. 

Other trends every girl needs this summer

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