New York Fashion Week: Tom Ford's 80s Inspiration

By Nicole Gruss | Trends | 02/19/2018
New York Fashion Week: Tom Fords 80s Inspiration

New York fashion week has just commenced meaning we get to talk about all things fashion related! It’s that time of year when we see bloggers, models, socialites and pretty much anyone who loves fashion dressed head to toe in there best attire. Its an excuse to go all out and celebrate designers from around the globe.

Day one did not disappoint as we saw the likes of Ulla Johnson, Tom Ford, Kate Spade New York and more take to the runway to show off their autumn/winter collections. Kicking off fashion week was the designer Tom Ford with his new women’s wear collection inspired by an '80s mixtape of bright colors and animal prints. From leopard prints to velvet and glitter, this over-the-top collection got us inspired about 80s fashion which has been revived to this day and age. 

How to style 80s into your wardrobe

The 80s was defiantly bold and has influenced our wardrobes in the long run. From shoulder pads to mini skirts, the 80s was a decade of bold colors, style and silhouettes. There is plenty of inspiration you can take from the 80s and here are a few trends you can try out yourself. 

Animal prints

Does animal print ever go out of fashion? Seen almost everywhere, from leopard print to snakeskin, the 80s was notorious for this trend! It was especially seen on pants, jackets and everything in between and has never really gone out of fashion. It is styled best with a block color so the print can be the center of attention. Try a black leather mini skirt with a leopard print shirt if you want to go all out with the 80s trend or find yourself an animal print swimsuit for the summer months.

This luxurious fabric was big in the 80s, especially velour tracksuits! Today velvet is a bit more refined and is a great staple for the wardrobe. More for the evening, velvet can we worn in a variety of different ways. If you aren't sure about this trend then you can just start off slowly and try a hint of velvet on a top and some jeans and heels to ease your way in. If you are feeling daring then go all out with a velvet dress which is sure to impress. 

Bright colors
The 80s use of bright colors were over the top and garish. In particular the use of neon and fluorescent clothes were a big hit. Basically the brighter the better! If you want to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe then you could pair a bright colored mini dress with some high leg boots for a cute play on the 80s trend. 

After seeing Tom Fords colelction, alrthough it is a bit out there, we are loving the 80s vibe and hope you guys can take inspiration from this out there collection and inject some fun to your wardrobes. 

Love Nicole

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