5 Luxury Sneaker Trends To Watch This Fall

By Sophie Tarif | Trends | 08/31/2018

When Autumn comes around, society is often divided. Are you someone who has to let go of the pipe-dream of being able to BBQ outdoors and accept that summer has definitely gone? Or, do you see the change in seasons as opportunity to start layering your looks and time to Instagram pictures of the leaves?  

Either way, it isn’t all bad news; Autumn means it’s time to get out your cozy jumpers and that there is new collections of clothing and shoes being released. Unsurprisingly, the Fall fashion shows have been dominated by boots and a touch of sparkle as we head into the festive season, however at Fashiola, we are looking towards the latest trends in women's sneakers: comfortable, versatile and stylish.

4 Trainer Trends To Watch This Fall


Whilst tradtionally sneakers have been most popular amongst those championing urban style, sneakers have become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. There has been a rise in collaborations between household designers and the leading brands in athleisure wear, and although the blend of luxury fashion and streetwise appeal is difficult to pull off, there have been successes across the board from household names and independent designers.  

Saying that, and I know that I love ugly sneakerscan anyone please tell me where you can wear these sneakers day-to-day?



It appears that 2018 is the year which has taken the obsession with logos to next level as we've hitched it up a knotch, and therefore, we've got logomania sneakers. These logo-luxury sneakers might be perfect for influencers of the 'gram however for us mere mortals? Where do we wear a pair of $1000 sneakers? I think the appropriate response is 'who cares, they're cool.' I'm convinced Gucci are see how far they can take it...



Personally, this has to be my least favorite of all the sneaker trends. I can't get my head around traditional sock boots and now they've turned them into sneaker form. I know, I know that they're a a fashionable pair of shoes but they're just not for you. Maybe one of these are for you?


Similarly, why would you have a pair of lace-less sneakers? They just seem a little juvenille to me - but that shouldn't stop you from owning a pair of easy to slip-on pair of velcro sneakers. 


It isn't all bad news for me though! The oversized trend has been successful in a big way, so why should it stop at shoes? Sneakers designs have been able to capitalise through platform trainers, so if you are looking for sneakers for a night out, a couple of inches can make all the difference..

I especially like the gum-soles on a pair of sneakers. The style has been around for quite a while but I think it makes most sense to wear them during the Fall. 


There are some trends you can't get away from during the Autumn/Winter and metallics has got to be one of them. A trend ubiqutious with the festive period, the metallics trend has rocketed into popularity early - a by-product of futuristic fashionthis year as its taken over jackets, shoes and dresses. Why not swap out your pair of clean, fresh kicks for a more dazzling pair and a touch of sparkle?

In truth, it looks as if the luxury designers have tried to find a way to combine all the different trends into one pair of shoes. Take a look at the latest collection of luxury sneakers and you'll see a combo of lace, velcro, glitter and a platform for good measure. 

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