How to wear: DOUBLE UP on Trends

By Sophie Tarif | Trends | 03/08/2018

As yet another fashion week approaches, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to stay on top of the latest trends. This is now especially true with the revival of trends from the last 30 years and you hear your mom say 'I used to wear that,' you pause to consider whether you're sure this cool. Well... thankfully to simplify things, trends are no longer just linear, or boomerang-ing... they are actually now doubling up!

How to wear the trend

Doubling up on trends might seem like a bold move but we’ve (kind of) been doing it for years as this is another revival of fashion from the 90s! It seems for some people they have just had the eye for how to double up on trends, effortlessly leaving the house wearing all the things together that you read you shouldn’t. Ever wondered how they achieved statement looks way ahead of the time?

How to wear: Doubling Up on Trends

Double dare: double denim

Fashion from the 90s means we all know how not to wear the double denim trend (Justin x Britney), but in 2018 it’s time to wear double denim with pride. Some people really just have skill to wearing double denim, whilst I can barely make a decision about the wash of my jeans. Whether you’re matching your denim wash on top and bottom or will be wearing contrasting colors, here are some our top tips:

  • It’s all about creating different defining levels with your denim. If you’re wearing a denim shirt then make sure to tuck into your high waisted jeans and break up the blue with a chunky belt. Or wear a denim jacket extra long or cropped so you can see wear your jeans begin.

  • Experiment with two different shades. Don’t be afraid to wear different washes, and if you’re just starting out your journey to conquer double denim you can always wear grey or black. 

  • Break up the blue: amongst the sea of denim make sure you’ve got a bold color, pattern or cheeky bit of skin to soften the blow.

  • If you're not sure what wash of denim to buy next, dark denim is going to be a popular color for 2018, so probably start there.

Print on print

When it comes to prints there are some veterans in the business, Versace basically threw out the rulebook in terms of prints. If you’re thinking about experimenting with this trend, then try swapping your block colour blouse for something with a light and simple pattern. If you’re more confident with the trend, there are some things to remember:

  • Know your neutrals: certain patterns are considered ‘neutral,’ such as stripes and leopard print, which means you can match them with almost anything.

  • Play with size: you can pair together similar prints, regardless of the color, if you’re wearing different sizes

  • Your base color is key - if you’ve got a similar base color in your patterns, you can wear almost anything together.

But in all this, make sure to try and match at least one color in your patterns, or pick patterns with similar tones or from the same palette range. Some might even say there is a 3 color rule, but be creative with your pairings!


Dresses on shirts

Now, when it comes to wearing unusual pairs, this needs to be treated with caution. Dad’s have successfully been pulling off the socks and sandals trend for many years and if that's your vibe then we really encourage you to give it a go... If you’re looking for something a little less high-risk then check out the inspiration from fashion from the 90s: dresses on shirts is the place to begin. This all started off with a simple slip dress being worn over a tee however the world of fashion has taken it to the extreme. Mixing prints, sleeve lengths and styles is encouraged for this trend!

So, at Fashiola we challenge you: Bring back fashion from the 90s and double up on trends... or in fact, wear as many trends as possible!

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