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By Sophie Tarif | Trends | 11/22/2018
Must-have steals


Whilst it always a lot of fun to follow the latest fashion trends, at Fashiola, we believe it’s really key to make sure you have those all important, timeless styles, which you can pull out on every occasion and really make the most of. Personally, i’m a firm believer in color, however you can never go wrong with an all-black ensemble and black is definitely not going out of fashion anytime soon. So, these are our top picks for must-have items.


A black skirt is a great piece of clothing to have in the wardrobe. It doesn’t really matter what length, material or style they’re in - a black skirt can be worn formally or dressed up; and that’s the best thing about it. It’s great being able to wear something straight from the office and out in the evening. Denim is huge at the moment, as the 90’s is hitting back hard, denim skirts are one of the latest fashion trends and if you want something you can wear all day, a denim pencil skirt could just be for you.

x2018: Black midi denim skirts, pleated black skirts, deconstructed skirts.

Must-have steals


How could I not mention this? The LBD, it has a special place in every woman’s wardrobe - my go-to when I want something simple and stylish to put on. Now just because they are timeless looks it doesn’t you shouldn’t follow the latest fashion trends, and a LBD doesn’t need to be simple. As modest fashion is making a drive for mainstream fashion, long-sleeved dresses are popular. Long-sleeved dresses can be worn so differently, there are sophisticated-sleeves, lace-y or can have a flared cuff. The LBD is a great party dress, so make sure you’ve got one in your wardrobe.

x2018: Assymetric dresses, flared sleeves, leather dresses, waterfall ruffles. 


You actually can’t go wrong with a pair of black ankle boots, they are so versatile, you can dress them up or wear them practically in the winter months. Ankle boots are comfortable, attractive and a timeless look. Again, ankle boots don’t have to be simple. You can dress up a pair of boots with embellishments and decorative details. These can be cute and dainty or confident studs, you can make the most of the latest fashion trends for boots.

x2018: Biker-style boots, cowboy boots, sockboots, suede chelsea boots.


Obviously, this isn’t ground breaking information. I just wanted to highlight to you, that if your wardrobe was missing any of these pieces, or there was something on your wishlist (it can even be any color or one of the latest fashion trends) that there was an opportunity coming up which you can capitalise on. A huge sales weekend, from all your favorite brands and shops. The black Friday clothing sales are here, it’s this month!

So, why not make the most of the all-black outfit this black friday clothing sales (do you see what I did there?). You can start adding items to your favorites right - and get a notification when they go on sale! What are you waiting for? Or, find what's on my Black Friday Wishlist with my Top 100 products of the month. The black friday clothing sale starts the 23rd of November, and Fashiola has all the products in one place - so watch this space!

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