The Festival Fashion Trends for 2019

By Sophie Tarif | Sponsored | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 07/12/2019
Festival fashion

Do you remember when you used to wear a pair of denim shorts and a band tee to a festival? Gone are the days!

Coachella felt like the unofficial beginning of festival season, one of the biggest festivals in the world and yet it's hardly about the music anymore... What Coachella is though, is the first glance at the festival fashion trends for the season ahead. As all the biggest influencers flock to Cali show off their finest festival style.

Have I rambled on about this for long enough? Let’s look at the trends.

Printed maxi dresses + boots

A look that lends itself perfectly to the Cali-vibe, a loose fitting maxi dress is one way for flower-crown lovers to maintain that relaxed, hippie vibe at a festival. And afterall, as this is a music concert you can finish the look with some decorative hair accessories - a blossoming trend for the summer ahead.

Best worn with: a small shoulder bag.

Bye Wellies, Howdy Cowboy

In my mind, there is a vision of girls rocking around a festival site wearing electric colored-rubber boots - so what’s changed? Have festivals moved to sunnier locations or is this a memory of mine from my time living in Europe?

Regardless, this year the must-have boots to own (at festivals and beyond) is a pair of cowboy boots. Check ‘em out.


Retro Sunglasses

A favorite for all the influencers on the ‘gram but unfortunately, I’m not ready to part with my Raybans just yet. You must know the ones, shop the edit.

Biker shorts

When this trend emerged onto the scene, I couldn’t get behind it. Now, the trend has had a few months to develop and be styled, perhaps I could be swayed. You can’t hit a festival without a pair of denim shorts, so for 2019 the way to wear the staple festival style, is through a pair of distressed denim biker shorts.

Best worn with: An oversized band tee, thin belt, and a pair of high-top Docs or sneakers.


Ugly Sandals

The chunky trend did not end with sneakers, nope! And to be honest, I’m actually on board - which surprised me. If you’re heading to a festival especially, you don’t want to be wearing a dainty pair of pretty sandals in the middle of the crowd. You want that extra inch or two on your platforms to see the stage!


Sequin Bikinis

Because if you can't wear a sequin bikini at a festival, when can you?

Tops to buy for festivals

  • Cropped floral tops + long sleeves
  • Off the shoulder tops
  • 80's inspired puff sleeve tops
  • Wrap around tops

If you're looking for a special edit of tops for your festival style, REVOLVE have your back with their selection of festival favorites.


Denim Jumpsuits - thoughts?

As cool as these jumpsuits are just imagine for one minute how you might feel when you're desperate for the toilet and you're in a long line for the porterloos?
If you would like to capitalize on the re-emerging dungaree trend, discover the range of dungaree dresses - perfect for festival style!

Have you already thought about an outfit you're going to put together for the next festival? Have you spotted a new favorite Influencer at a festival near you? Let us know on Instagram

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