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By - Alicja - | Trends | 11/13/2018
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Ski season 2018 is well underway; if you’re lucky enough to be heading to a heavenly ski resort this year, you’ll need to know what the fashion on the ski slope is. You might be thinking it’s quite a challenge to make thermal clothing look fashionable, however with the insight for trends of 2018, you’ll be leading the way through the powder.

When you’re at said ‘heavenly ski resort,’ there are a few things which are really important: functionality, comfort & warmth - you want to be concentrating on enjoying yourself on the ski slope, rather than thinking about what kit you’ve got on. So, check out the latest fashion on the ski slope.

Fashion on the ski slope

1. The 80’s come back and fashionable neons

Against the beautiful white backdrop, these 80’s colors are going to look great; at Fashiola we’re really glad to see the return of neon colors, one of our favorite trends of 2018. It’s up to you whether your fluorescent color is going to be a statement accessory or you’re going to be as brightly colored as possible on the ski slope.  

x2019: Shop the 80s edit.

2. Snowboard X Urban style

Although these trends are not exclusively for snowboarders, the bold prints and boxy shapes are the perfect vibes for snowboarders on the ski slope. Almost like winter dungarees, navy salopettes can even be more comfortable to boarders, and add to the streetwise style look. Check out the trends of 2018.

x2019: Bib ski pants are actually turning mainstream for 2019, so it won't just be edgy snowboarders wearing them! Find these styles in a out-there print to stand out on the slopes this season.

3. Ski Jackets

x2019: This year is all about the statement jacket, which obviously is true for fashion on the ski slope. What to look out for in this year? 

  • Metallics
  • Faux-fur hoods (colorful)
  • Leather detailing 

4. Classic styles never go out of trend

When at a heavenly ski resort, you can maintain that picturesque feeling by opting for the classic ski slope style. If you’re thinking in investing in some skiwear for a while, this is a great option as you can stay fashionable for years to come! For classic styles, look out for white jackets with colored stripes, and pair it with navy or gray accessories. Finish it off with a cozy women’s sweater and you’re ready to hit the ski slope!

x2019: This year, monochrome is going to be a popular style for those carefully following the ski-wear trends. Despite the bursts of color and print from other influences, some say that pops of color might take a backseat this year, only time will tell.

5. This year's must-have piece

Perhaps over the years you have invested in a range of ski-wear to last you a life time, but how will you follow the trends for this year's season?

x2019: Balaclavas - no i'm not joking, the balaclava trend has started to crop up in normal fashion but at least in the cold it makes some more sense. It all started wtih Calvin Klein and then Gucci got involved so surely there will be and endless number of balaclavas on your feeds soon...

4. Après ski fashion 2019

Once you've enjoyed yourself on the slopes and fancy heading to an après-ski spot, you might need to consider what outfit you will be wearing. If your heavenly ski resort has a spot in a cabin up the mountain, meaning you haven't got much time spare to get changed, it's best to be wearing a number of breathable layers, which you can take off as you need, such as long sleeved t-shirts pair with a puffer jacket.

x2019: The art of extreme layering is definitely one learn before you head off to a heavenly ski resort - this year with a futuristic twist. Obviously you will be packing your puffer jacket, a high-neck top or rollneck sweater. 


This might be one of the few times it's best to have some sensible shoes to wear; chunky snow boots are your solution as a practical and stylish trend of 2018. Also, do you have something to cover up the helmet hair? Beanies are the super practical for a ski resort, making sure you stay warm and covers up any potentially flat hair (if you want to find out the latest fashion in beanies, you can even do that at Fashiola!)

Stay warm, comfortable and up to date on the latest fashion on the ski slope, we hope your enjoy that heavenly ski resort! 

Love - Alicja- Alicja -

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