Fashiola's Summer Essentials

By Lena Steffen | Trends | 05/31/2017
Fashiola's Summer Essentials

In summer, we all have a list of essentials that we can’t live without, pieces that without which the summer would simply not be the same. Now spring is over and we are getting into the swing of summer, it's time to find our must-haves for warmer season. Looking for a little inspiration? We asked some of the Fashiola team about their summer essentials.

Summer Essentials for the Fashiola Team

Summer is all about those high temperatures, having drinks in the sun, hanging out at the beach or in a park, and for this we need the right type of clothing.  We asked the girls of the team what item they would choose for this summer if they could only keep one.


My answer may not be very original, but I have to have t-shirts in the summer. Every year, as soon as the sun makes a re-appearance I am all about the tees. I love to mix them up all season with pretty pants, shorts or a skirt. This year, I'm crazy about graphic and slogan tees, I find that it easily gives a fun edge to all my outfits.


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For me, my summer essential is a pair of shoes that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. In the summer nothing is worse than having shoes that give you sweaty feet. When it comes to summer footwear from last summer, I wore my share of sandals but I wore the soles down on almost every pair. This year, I will be alternating between a pretty pair of mules or a simple pair of ballerinas.


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My obsession every summer is the perfect swimsuit. Every year I search far and wide for the latest additions to my collection. This summer, I am on the lookout for logo swimsuits and cute bikinis that will be perfect for sipping cocktails by the pool.


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My must have item for summer is without a doubt a fresh, light dress. A dress that is cute and will take me from the office to dinner with my friends would be perfect. This isn’t always such an easy dress to find so my top tips would be to pay extra attention to the material, the cut and the color. For this summer, I am looking for a nice denim dress, which I could wear with a pair of sneakers or a pair of sandals.



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