Latest Trends: Famous Footwear for Summer 2019

By Lena Steffen | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 02/28/2019

Summer might be some of the most exciting months of the year but it has its challenges, namely, finding the perfect footwear to match the summer activities. When we think of summer, some famous footwear comes to mind: sandals, flip flops, sneakers but are you up to date with the current shoe trends, or do you dig to the bottom of your wardrobe at the first sight of Spring every year?

Famous Footwear for Summer

Are you lucky enough to live in sunniest parts of the country, meaning you have an extensive summer shoe collection and can, therefore, justify staying up to date with the current shoe trends? This year, explore the classic famous footwear for summer and discover how they have been updated for summer 2019.

Summer’s most famous footwear: Sandals

For 2019, lace up detailing (which I love) is back! Look out for the rope details  

Okay, honest moment. I was originally convinced that I wasn't going to be a fan of chunky sandals but since doing a little research, I've found that perhaps they're not all so bad... 

The Heel Collection

We continue to see a blast from the past with these ’80s inspired kitten heels and stilettos.

And a glimpse into the future with these geometric-inspired square-toe heels and alternative heel shapes.

When it comes to sliders, you guessed it, #logomania

The latest sneakers for 2019

In the details

Perhaps you're not feeling the nautical-vibe with the rope details, maybe you would rather something more delicate? Check out the feather (which I imagine would be a nightmare in the rain) and embroidery detailing on the range of flat shoes and more this year.

Coming with us from Fall

  • Neutral boots, especially white boots, continue to be popular throughout the summer.

  • Bikerboot buckles transition onto different footwear so you will still be able to pull off the look, even in the summer!

Have you been inspired by the current shoe trends and you're on your way to buy a pair from your fav' famous footwear brand? Remember, you can search and compare for all the trends on Fashiola - follow the link to see all women's shoes available online.

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