The Trends for Men's Fall and Winter Fashion 2018/2019

By Sophie Tarif | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 09/24/2018

Everyone has an appreciation for a man who pays attention to to what they look like, well-put together outfits and attractive styles work wonders for your overall appearance. Are you looking for some men's fashion advice? Well, we took a closer look at the fashion trends for men 2018/19 and created a list of the top must-have items for the rest of the year. Find out more here.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Fall 2018 fashion trends

Personally, I'm excited by the fashion trends for men this year. I think this year has had some great twists on traditional styles, with the arrival of the chunky sneaker, graphic print jackets and the revival of styles from the decades previous. However, this article doesn't high-light the trends which you can continue to wear forever, they are risky purhcases which I wholeheartedly encourage you all to experiment with. 

Right now, fashion trends are pulling in lots of different directions. Popular fashion trends for men include extreme traditionalism with the re-emergence of tweed patch-work, check prints and cable-knit sweaters. At the same time futuristic fashion is creeping into the fashion-sphere as metallics, glossy fabrics and deconstructed clothing are cool right now. At Fashiola, we have been following the 80's influence on fashion as the oversized blazer and loose fitting blue jeans outfit took over the streets and white sneakers have never been so popular (well, since the 80's). And finally, do you want to know what the color and prints Fall 2018 fashion trends are? Check out our highlights blog.

Must-have jackets

Outerwear might be one of the most interesting pieces of clothing to shop for - the amount you're about to spend feels like a serious commitment - which is why you shouldn't take the plain and easy option. Sure, a man in long-line camel coat might be one of the most attractive looks out there but if you're gonna be wrapped up in a coat all day, make sure you stand out wearing it!

Fashiola fav's menswear trends

  • Puffer jackets in metallics
  • Embroidered details on leather jackets or bomber jackets
  • Tweed 
  • Trench Coats
  • Wax Jackets (guide)
  • 80's Inspired pull-overs + colors
  • Long-line denim coats
  • Blanket coats/capes

Reclaimed Sweatshirts

When it comes to keeping cozy and warm this year, focus on the fabrics. What we're seeing is a whole host of experiemental knits and some super furry outerwear - you know the type that looks uncomfortable on a hanger? I reckon there are two routes you can take when choosing your range of sweaters for Winter fashion 2018.

  • Cozy: thick knits, check print, embroidered, capes, colorblock in Fall colors
  • Cool: ultra-relaxed shoulders, oversized, deconstructed, heavyweight cotton, logomania

Check out what our favorite pieces are.

Winter fashion 2018


When I say 'tailored' I make reference to the ultra-relaxed silhouettes we're seeing - which I think are fantastically cozy for Winter. Ever since the streetwear trend grew in popularity at the beginning of the year wearing your clothes oversized has been cool and this is not going to stop for Winter fashion 2018.  And we're finding deconstructured sweaters and t-shrits is also trendy now too. However, the wide-leg pant trend is a little more difficult to shop online and find the perfect fit for. Discover the different styles of tapered and wide-leg pants available on Fashiola - and who does free shipping!

The future is fashion

Visions of the future have taken over our fashion-sphere as we're experiencing some futuristic disturbances to trends. Browsing through the Fall 2018 fashion trends and everywhere you look there are shiney metallics, glossy fabrics and geometric patterns featured on fashion. It might seem a bit out of this world to think about how to incorporate these futuristic looks into your closet but there are some easy ways to get on board. Metallic shoes (especially velcro sneakers) and vynil puffer jackets (perfect for Winter fashion 2018) are bold looks whilst racing stripes and alien-like prints on tees and sweaters are little bit more subtle. 

The Denim Trends

The must-haves. You can't go through a season without checking out which of the denim looks are going to be popular Fall 2018 fashion trends. Actually, this year we're keeping things pretty simple:

  • Black skinny jeans
  • Sheer lined Denim Jackets
  • Washed out denim 
  • Dark denim

The 2018 twist on denim trends is the contrast stitching. If you were hoping for wilder denim trends

  • Long-line denim coats/trenches
  • Tapered denim jeans with rolled hems
  • Loose fitting denim two-pieces

Which of these trends has your fancy for Winter fashion 2018? Mix and match your styles to re-invent your wardrobe for the end of the year - 2019 brings us new beginnings!

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