Vacation Must-Haves: What to Pack for Your Next Trip

By Teresa Bovo | Travel | 06/06/2017
Vacation Must-Haves: What to Pack for Your Next Trip

Preparing luggage for a trip can sometime be a bit more of a stressful mission than most people think. The most common mistake is filling our suitcases with all kinds of unnecessary items and accessories that we probably won’t even use during our vacation. The biggest challenge with packing is to not miss the essentials that cover the main bases of practicality, utility and functionality. So, the million dollar question, how can you optimize every inch of your case and still have some room for some vacation purchases?

Summer Vacation: What to Put in Your Suitcase?

When planning your next vacation, try not to overwhelm yourself with pre-departure stress and concentrate on how much fun your vacation will be. Think about finally relaxing and resting after months of intense study or non-stop work, taking time for yourself and creating some lifelong memories.

So let's start with some basic tips on all those summer essentials 2018 that you can’t live without. These essential items should make up the base of your luggage, making sure that you definitely have those perfect items ready to go.


I think we can all agree that there is nothing better on holiday than a fresh and comfortable outfit. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics and comfortable pieces that will work for most activities you have planned. This year, one of the biggest material trends in linen - which is perfect as it's lightweight and cool for a sunny holiday!

To avoid carrying half of your wardrobe with you, pack basic garments and neutral colors. Using this approach you can easily mix and match the pieces you have to create a huge number of outfit options. For elegant summer choices pack white, beige and khaki pieces that you can accent with bright accessories. These natural and discreet tones are easy to wear and go with everything. However, you do have to pick at least one statement piece to take with you!

Other must have pieces? Definitely basic tops and classic dresses. Going somewhere warm? Opt for kimono and tunic styles that are flattering but also don’t cling to the body, giving you a bit of room to breathe. The 'it' dress of the season this year is the maxi dress - find out more about the trends in 2018.

If you're going on holiday during the summer, then you've definitely got to take your swimwear. Mixing and matching swimwear is a great way to take only a few pieces but have a huge range of options.  This year animal print swimwear is a big trend - as well as one-piece patterned swimsuits and ruffle detailing!


Beautiful sunglasses and other important accessories are the perfect pieces to customize your outfits. Below, all the must-have items to put in your suitcase immediately:

With a pair of flat sandals and a pair of high heels, you'll be perfect from day-to-night.

A maxi tote bag or a canvas bag to take to the beach.

A pair of stylish sunglasses - cat eye frames are a top trend: shop yours here!

Waterproof jewelry to wear on the beach. Layer some statement bracelets or necklaces, perfect for giving a finishing touch to your beachwear.


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