A lazy man’s guide to the best Men’s Winter Coats

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 22/10/2019 09:30

Winter is hard enough as it is and now you’re faced with the challenge of finding a new men’s winter coat. We’ve made it really simple for you to sit back, scroll through and shop your winter gear from the comfort of your chair, couch, be sure wherever else you're on scrolling. It’s not lazy, it's efficient.

A lazy man’s guide to the best Men’s Winter Coats

What Is The Best Winter Coat For Men?

The best winter coat for men is, like all our troubles with clothes, a subjective matter. It all depends on your own personal style and how strict your requirements are. Are you more formal or more casual? Are you looking for something merely to keep you warm or something to show off how in-the-know you are with the latest street style drops? You can ask yourself these questions or I’d suggest to have a scroll through this guide and pick something that you get an instant click with, like coat serendipity.

Warm, warmer, warm coats

Some of you guys might be thinking “Yeah, yeah just take me to the warmest coats.” Well, this is the place, but even if these coats are meant to keep you warm, it doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on style.

Have a look at skiwear for coats and parkas that are made for snow adventures, whether you’re going on a ski trip or live in a cold, snowy area around wintertime. Classic performance brands like Canada Goose or Woolrich have the age-old expertise and technology to create the perfect coats to beat the cold with, so it’s a good idea to start your search with these types of brands.

A lazy man’s guide to the best Men’s Winter Coats

Streetwear Approved Coats

Geared up in hoodies, caps, and fanny packs your summer streetwear game was on point. But winter has arrived and it’s time to top it all off with an on-trend coat. 

Puffer jackets have proven to be a mainstay in the urban wardrobe. They have been worn by 90s Hip hop Stars as well as polar explorers, yes that means you won’t only look cool – you’ll stay very, very warm. Have a look at North Face Fleece Jackets for the same kind of warmth and urban feel, it will work great as a layer under your coat as well as a coat itself – depending on how cold it is.

Look for cool, unexpected prints to really stand out with this jacket. It is, after all, the one item people will be seeing almost every day this winter. So why not make a cool, statement-making impression? 

The Classics

I can guarantee you that there will be no regrets when you buy a classic men’s winter coat. You will befriend this coat, it will become yours and yours only, it will last you years. These coats are the types that are steeped in heritage, age-old designs that stand the test of time. They are often made from high-quality wool fabrics and have minimal details - versatility at its finest.

There are two styles I’d stick to here. The peacoat; a classic double-breasted coat with big buttons. The overcoat; was intended to be worn over a suit and breathes an elegant menswear nostalgia. For both these coats go for classic colors like navy, brown and black to make sure they go with everything in your wardrobe.  

Coats under $150

Coats are always a little bit of a pricey investment and I wouldn’t advise going for something that feels like it won’t last you more than two winters. I’ve selected a few of the best coats for men on Fashiola that are under $150 for a little more wallet-friendly investment – without missing out on quality of course. 

A lazy man’s guide to the best Men’s Winter Coats

Designer Jackets and Coats

Just like any other investment piece like classic formal shoes, a suit or a watch – a coat is worth the splurge. And what better way to splurge than on the latest, most head-turn-worthy designer drops? Classic coats will have subtle, unexpected details and look fashion-forward while remaining outerwear mainstays.   


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