Women’s Midi Skirts: Spice up your Business Look!

By Rima Baroud | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 09/10/2018 11:47
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Whether you’ve been working in an office for years, or you just graduated from college and are about to enter the working world, the business look isn't one that necessarily screams fashion and style. If you’re lucky the dress code will be business casual, and you won't have to completely transfer your wardrobe to something that looks like it hasn't seen patterns and colors for years.

If you’re just entering the business world, it might seem like nothing about your personal style will be transferable, even if the dress code is business casual. But don't lose all hope just yet, if you’re someone who just won't settle for an all black suit, keep reading because there are some easy ways around this.  And for the all the ladies who’ve been going to work in an all black or navy pants suit (ain’t nothing wrong with that, I love myself a good pants suit) and want to spice up their look, definitely keep reading so the next time you show up at work, you get all those heads turning.

So what's the best way around this… Women's Midi Skirts!

Casual Midi Skirts

Alright, let's start things of slow. Having at least one casual midi skirt in your closet is a must if you want an easy, stylish and versatile outfit. Dinner party? A casual white lace midi skirt is the perfect elegant look. Work? A simple loose fitting midi skirt will spice your outfit up just enough to have people asking you, where you got that skirt from. Want an in between? Try a pleated midi skirt, it gives the skirt movement and is a guaranteed classic look that will make you feel like you're in the sound of music, dancing around in green fields. Yes, i’m talking out of experience. If you’re wanting to spice up your business look but still have a relatively strict business dress code, then try playing around with the material instead of the color - just like the suede midi skirt above.

Floral Print Midi Skirts

Fashion from the past is the talk of the town. Skinny jeans are starting to be replaced by culottes, mom jeans are not just for the mommas anymore and tucking in your shirt like your dad is more than acceptable. What we spent our childhood laughing at, now is becoming the look we strive for. Although I have my parents to thank for the mom jeans and Hawaiian dad shirt style I wear daily, credit has to be given to the grandparents out there for floral print midi skirts. I can hear my mom say it “Your grandma used to wear floral print skirts, I used to think those skirts were only for old people, that's what is in style now?". Yes mom, it is.

Floral print midi skirts are the perfect cute and girly addition to your outfit. Whether you stick to dark tones, or bright bold ones, floral print makes any business casual outfit stand out. The best tops to pair with it are simple ones. See what color is the primary color in the floral pattern and try to find a crop top or sweater that is that color -  but you can never go wrong with a simple black or white crop top with sleeves.

Tight Midi Skirt

Alright ladies. This one is for the one’s who want to bring out their inner Beyonce #SashaFierce. Whether its leather or suede, or just cotton, a tight midi skirt instantly becomes the stylish centerpiece of your outfit. For anyone who’s seen suits, get some inspiration from Rachel. Her business look 99.9% of the time includes a tight skirt with a simple shirt, sweater or blouse.

Don't be afraid to introduce denim even in a business casual situation. You can easily dress up what would be considered a relaxed midi skirt by wearing a blazer and some minimalistic accessories - you don't want to draw to much attention to the denim, so I would opt for a check or pastel colored blazer for the ultimate casual, business casual look.

More formal options

If you already own what about be considered more formal on the spectrum, you can also rework the skirt into your refreshed business casual style. A classic gray pencil skirt might not be the most inspiring item in your wardrobe but the neutral backdrop opens up many opportunities. Keeping to a monochrome colorscheme means that your palette remains formal but you can easily introduce more funky prints and jewelry - this is your opportunity to spice up your office look! Avoid wearing kitten heels with a pencil skirt, opt for a bolder pair of block-heel sandals or boots.

So how do you know what's the right casual midi skirt for you? Well, to be honest, it depends. If you're short (like me) then I recommend looking for midi skirts that are below the knee...and try them with a pair of heels, or booties!  If you’re a bit taller, try mid-calf midi skirts. Dress up the look by adding a tight crop top or t-shirt. Dress it down by wearing a cropped sweater or just a simple tee. And while you’re at it, 2018 is the year of color, so why not try a bright color #shinebrightlikeadiamond 

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