Women's Fall Favourites

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 09/13/2017
Women's Fall Favourites

Besides the wind and occasional rain, fall is one of my favourite season, mostly because I absolutely love the fashion trends during this time. I am obsessed with all the fall colors from mahogany, to dark green, to nude.  Fall is a time to experiment with layering clothes, with the mixing of warm colors, and cool designs.


You can't enter the fall season without buying yourself a stylish and comfortable jacket that can take on some wind and rain. From trench coats to bomber jackets, fall has a wide range of jackets that will allow you to express your style. My favourite fall jackets are tan colored wool trench coats, because they are a classic look and are extremely comfy. They also look really good paired with white or black hoodies.



Jumpers are a must have during the fall season. Whether you are going for casual look or more of a classic look, jumpers come in a array of styles and designs. If you are going for the classic look, browse through knit jumpers in white, nude, grey, black and mahogany. If you are going for more of a casual look then browse through hoodies and sweatshirts. Look for color-block hoodies in the same colors to add a little bit of a modern touch to your room.



Skinny jeans and mom jeans work perfect for the fall weather. If you don’t want to completely dismiss your midi skirts, look for thick socks that you can wear under your skirts or dresses and finish the look off with some comfortable boots.



Scarves are an essential part of fall weather fashion. The endless designs allow you to pick from simple to complex styles.


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