Disover How to Wear a (his/hers) Wax Jacket this Fall?

By Lena Steffen | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 10/08/2018
Disover How to Wear a Wax Jacket this Fall?

Fall is an unpredictable season and personally, it’s always a little difficult to style. During the morning the temperatures are low, and suddenly they rise during the day. Add to that the fact that it can rain at literally any moment, and you are presented with one of the biggest fashion challenges that exists. What’s the solution? Find a piece of clothing that protects us from the rain and wind but doesn’t get too hot just in case the weather is being kind and sunny today. I’ve discovered a miracle solution: a waxed one.

Waxed jackets – or called waterproof or windproof – allow us to protect ourselves from the rain effectively. Usually, a waxed jacket is longline and covers most of you without being too hot as it’s a lightweight material. Perfect, well almost. Because truth be told there is a little problem with a wax jacket and that is its generally long and wide, meaning it can look a little unsophisticated. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. Here are our tips for wearing a wax jacket with class this Fall and to overcome the fashion dilemma this season.

Disover How to Wear a Wax Jacket this Fall?

It’s raining, it’s wet, it’s time to explore different types of wax jackets

As we’ve said, a wax jacket is great because it adapts well to climate during fall but ‘risky’ because it’s hardly high-fashion - well, until 2018. So, what are our tips to stay sophisticated in a raincoat this year? Here are a few style tips – lads, scroll down.

Wearing a women’s wax jacket

Staying cute and dry

This year why not splash out on a more colorful wax jacket? Traditionally a wax jacket can be a little sex-less in style, so if you want to bring out your feminine side choose a jacket which you can tie around your waist to create a silhouette – perhaps belted at the waist? Wear the jacket with a simple dress and boots combo. Re-use your summer dress by wearing a t-shirt under a slip dress or by putting a sweater on top to create a new skirt.

Floral Wax Jacket

Wax jackets for work

There are so many different types of wax jacket out-there, we’re spoilt for choice! Take a look at the Fall print trends for an indication of what you might want this year but to keep things simple why not choose a color-block style? Then you can add a splash of color to your formal workwear looks – and a cheeky pair of metallic shoes to finish off the look for 2018.

Colorblock Coats

Casual Wax Jackets

Pull-over women’s wax jackets are ultra-light weight which means you shouldn’t let the rain stop your fun! Throw a rainproof/windproof jacket on over any outfit and make sure you’re totally covered up – ready to party! But just in case you might get wet wear something lightweight or short underneath: I learnt that hard way that wearing flared jeans in the rain was a mistake.

Casual Rainwear

Different types of wax jackets for men

Rainwear for work

You can see from the example of women’s wax jacket outfits above, you can wear a bold jacket with monochrome looks. Perhaps you’d rather a bold jacket? That also works! By having a couple of neutral types of wax jackets means you can wear it with a-n-y-thing. Perfect for work, casualwear or for special occasions in the rain.

Rainwear for work

Casual men's rainwear

The holy grail of wax jackets: a men’s Barbour wax jacket. The traditional style will never go out of fashion and it can be modernized by wearing a bright color. You can wear a men’s Barbour wax jacket with basically anything but to create a casual contrast to the traditional look throw on a pair of distressed jeans and a pair of leather boots.

Men's Barbour Wax Jacket

Whether it's the men's Barbour wax jacket or any other type of women's wax jacket you're searching for, find it on Fashiola - your fashion search engine.

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