Unique Fashion Items for Men

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 08/15/2017

Men’s fashion has in recent years become more and more exciting, and we are loving it! From patterned t-shirts to dungarees, men’s style doesn't stick to a simple jeans and t-shirt. Going beyond the simple styles you're used to, can be scary at times. If you’re someone who wants to experiment with their styles but doesn't quite know how yet, then keep reading...we have some tips for you!  

  • Graphic leather jackets
  • Patterned pants
  • Quirky Accessories 
Unique Fashion Items for Men

Graphic Leather Jackets

Alright, we all know the classic black men’s leather jackets and we all love them (except for in summer, because let's be honest, that's torture - swap it out for a graphic bomber). Mix up this style by looking for graphic leather jackets that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it's a leather jacket with color block patterns, text or rips, changing the classic to something a bit more modern and unique will immediately spice up your look.

Patterned Trousers

My new favorite trend for guys: patterned trousers. Most people when they hear pants think classy and fancy, but don't worry.. It’s not the business look we're going for here. Mixing patterned trousers with a simple t-shirt and some sneakers will keep the casual look but add a little unique flare to the whole outfit.

Pant Trends 2018

  • Wide leg pants 
  • Cropped pants
  • Turned up denim jeans
  • 90's fit denim

Unique Fashion Items for Men


What better way to add some finishes touches to your outfit, then by adding some accessories. From hats to necklaces, adding it to your outfit will give you a distinct look. Necklaces and bracelets can give you a bit of “bling bling” that will add something unique, and also complement your outfit. Hats also have a similar effect in giving you a distinct look, so browse through our fedora hats or beanies to find a new addition to your style.


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