Trick OR Trend? 9 Trends to Watch Out for

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 10/02/2018
Trick OR Trend? 5 Trends to Watch Out for this October.

This year, fashion has taken us on a rollercoaster of trends, influences and styles. Luxury designers have expanded their imaginations and pushed the limits of what is considered trendy and I believe it has been a thoroughly enjoyable to watch and see which of these outrageous styles have been embraced or rejected. Let’s take a look back at which of these trends took off or fell flat.

Trick or Trend?

1. Luxe-athleisurewear 

2018 kicked off in street style as athleisurewear leapfrogged from the streets to the catwalks. The streetwear trend saw two worlds collide and people would do things like combine luxury footwear with a pair of sweats. So, trick or trend?

Trick OR Trend? 5 Trends to Watch Out for this October.

TREND - Perhaps 8 months ago it might have seemed bizarre to scroll through images of influencers wearing a some side-stripe sweats with a pair of $1000 pumps but this trend has survived almost an entire year, and it appears to be here to stay.

2. Tiny Sunglasses

Once the sun came out more outrageous trends emerged; micro-sunglasses, sci-fi glasses, whatever you'd like to call them. A pair of tiny sunglasses (often fitted with a light glass) which you could wear indoors. Thoughts?

Trick OR Trend? 5 Trends to Watch Out for this October.

TRICK - The only practically of these sunglasses was how when they sat on the tip of your nose, they helped you look cool. Today, I'm thankful for the change in weather and said goodbye to these ridiculous sunnies.

3. Extreme Layering

Have you ever imagined having to buy a coat so oversized that you can fit  5 more layers underneath? Well don’t worry because Balenciaga has designed an all-in-one 6 layer coat for you.

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TREND - surely this has to be one of the most sensible trends to come out of 2018? Obviously, I wouldn't encourage you to buy a $9000 coat to embrace the trend (and you couldn't anyway because it's sold out basically everywhere). However you can and should definitely replicate the trend for yourself by getting creative as you mix and match prints and colors with all your layers. 

4. Balenciaga Shoes

One of the hottest brands in 2018, Balenciaga have launched a range of shoes which have inspired new wave of footwear styles - the Triple S sneakers, electric-colored sock boots which morphed into sock-sneakers. But these?

TRICK - nope, not even going there.

5. Plastic Boots

See, I desperately want to say that the plastic boot trend is trick because it’s difficult to take anything Yeezy does seriously - but unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case.

TREND - Plastic, PVC, vinyl - these are all materials which are growing in popularity in fashion as the 80s came-back and we get onboard with futuristic fashion. So perhaps we should all be paying more attention to what Yeezy is up to?

6. Balaclavas

You might instantly think that this one is a trick but unfortunately, but thanks to Calvin Klein and Gucci, I think it might not be!

TREND - Despite the uncomfortable reference to underprepared soldiers during war, luxury brands have embraced the balaclava trend for AW18. Although it would make sense - what better prep for winter - the balaclavas are often bedazzled and bejewelled and actually not all that practical. I think the verdict is still out on this one!


Whilst on the topic of Gucci, my question is here: what is happening? I honestly wish I knew what was going on at Gucci HQ as the rainbow sequins, flashy neon colours, collections which feature a mixture of Gucci class and retro-madness.

TREND - Gucci continues to be one of the most-sought after luxury brands. The brand has been through on severe re-brand and is still living to tell the tale - they are a favorite of mine right now and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

8. Biker Shorts

For when you've got brunch at 12, but a race at 2... 

Trick OR Trend? 7 Trends to Watch Out for

TRICK - A trend that couldn't be more about fashion than function, these biker shorts can only be worn by a small percentage of very confident women. I will agree that these ladies have made the trend look pretty cool but I know there's nowhere I could wear these.

9. Micro Bags

The teeny-tiny trend took over in 2018 and so we saw micro-bags emerge into the scene. How to wear blogs popped up around the place and card-holder sales soared as the only purse that can fit into the bag.

TRICK - What happens when you have to wear a tiny bag? You then need to wear two - the extreme layering trend does not make sense here. Nope, it's not surprising that the trend didn't take off because I don't really like even carrying one bag, nevermind two.

What do you think? Have we missed out on a major trend that you wish you'd seen on the trick list? Or do you disagree with a few of the opinions on there? Let us know in the comments!

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