6 Bralette Outfit Ideas

By Teresa Bovo | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 08/22/2019
How to Style Bralettes

For the past few seasons, fashion has shown us that a triangle bra is more than just a simple and practical piece of underwear, but that you can create an actual bralette outfit. The reality is, a triangle bra, Calvin Klein bralette or bralette can be worn in a thousand different ways: a lace bralette top, combined with light and transparent blouses or simply as an alternative to a sporty t-shirt.

A trend which is obviously easier to pull off during the summer months; we’ve had our fun experimenting with the trend of the moment, wearing bralettes on display - either a classic lace bralette model, a corset/bra blend or a sports bra version. For 2019? We’re seeing more of bralettes! Delicate lace bralettes, embroidered balconette bras and refined triangle bras embellished with lace and more lace. The latest fashion in triangle bras are too delightful to be hidden under impenetrable layers of sweaters and jackets!

The nicest triangle bras of the season

The champion retailer of good taste and refinement (and has my soft-spot) is & Other Stories, and this year they don’t fail to surprise again with the perfect blend of sophisticated and mischievous lingerie. Personally, my favorite are the autumnal colored balconette models. Alternatively, the Lulus Adella bralettes are a great alternative for a crop top and if you’re looking for a lil’ luxury: Fleur of England, Simone Pérèle or LOVE Stories are great choices.


How to highlight our delicious bra without seemingly dropping standards? Amongst subtle games of transparency and seduction, here are a few different ways you can put together a bralette outfit with confidence. 

How to Style Bralettes

From day to night; start simply by wearing a loose-fitting camisole with a little peek at a (colorful) lace bralette underneath. For the cooler evenings, cover up with a maxi cardigan and use accessories such as a silk scarf to have control over how much you'd like to show off.

Casual Cool Bralette Styling

Another chilled-out look. If you've found a corset-style bralette you'd like to wear why not wear it like a cami? Wear a trendy wrap-around shirt loosely over a corset or bustier with some intricate detailing. This look can be dressed up or down by wearing heeled boots or sneakers.

Casual bralettes

Similar vibe to the above, you can make the bralette trend as flirty and feminine or otherwise as you'd like! Personally, I'm more about the heeled boots style but if wide-leg jeans and hi-tops are your thing, this trend can also work for you! If you're wearing a plain camisole or tank top, why not be bolder with your choice of print on your bralette? It's not all about lace!

Casual bralettes

Calvin Klein bralette outfit ideas

The comfiest bralette of them all just has to be the Calvin Klein bralette. The tomboyish feel and elasticated logo band are perfect for those days you just want to be comfortable with more support (and actually, these can make you feel just as sexy as a sheer lace bra). When it comes to outfit ideas with a Calvin Klein bralette, you can pretty much follow all the other outfits and just wear this sporty edition. 

6 Bralette Outfit Ideas
Calvin Klein Bra outfit

If you're excited to show off your newest bralette, why not go off-shoulder? The halterneck bralette trend is the latest fashion to hit the scene, so off-shoulder tops and sweaters are another way to style bralette outfits. 

off shoulder bra outfit

Of course, we'd be amiss not to include some sexy partywear. There are a huge number of sheer/ruffled tops and blouses out there! Our tip is to keep it simple with your choice of bralette and let the top be the focus. 

Going Out Look

What about you? How would you style bralettes - you could always show us with a stylebook of your own or shop the edit of lace bralettes!

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