The fashion rules you should forget

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 02/25/2020
The fashion rules you should forget

Fashion rules are meant to be broken. Getting dressed shouldn't crush our dreams it should let us live them. Just how a fabulous dress can let you walk into a room with newfound confidence, a suit can make you feel powerful and the perfect fit of mom jeans like you're a 2020 version of Rachel from friends. But somewhere threaded within all the good stuff of fashion, is a negative shadow of rules and labels. Forget about fashion rules, embrace fit's kinder, more fun side. I've rounded up 6 rules we can start to forget right now so come join me you rulebreaker. 


The one fashion rule you should follow

Before I get into all these fashion rules, I need to just say that there is one rule we really should all be following. That rule is quite simply to only buy things you love and can love for many more times to come. Make sure that everything you buy and wear makes you feel fabulous and 100% yourself, that it is of high quality and can actually last as well as that you can see yourself wearing it beyond the trend it may relate to now.


Fashion rules we really need to forget

The fashion rules you should forget

Forget about fashion being gendered 

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you should never feel restricted to the gendered collections you identify with. Women have been wearing what was typically reserved for men for decades from Coco Chanel wearing a tailored suit in the 20s to women stealing men’s hoodies pretty much as long as they’ve been around (can you blame us?). But as fashion has crossed traditional gender roles, over time things like women wearing hoodies and men wearing earrings became ‘normal’.I think we can take it a few steps further and just by looking at street style and scrolling through Instagram, there’s plenty of inspiration on how to do that. Or quite simply uncheck the gender when you’re scrolling through the items on our website and have a look at what’s around on the other side. Besides, for me its always a great excuse to buy something because I know my boyfriend will wear it too…


The fashion rules you should forget

Forget rules about being too dressed up or too dressed down

Hoorah, we no longer have to force ourselves into heels if we simply don’t feel like it! But nor do we need to force ourselves into sneakers if we feel like strutting around in heels all day (respect to you my friend). The same goes for fancy dresses, suits or big glamours earrings - your style is your style and if that means wearing an evening dress to brunch then that’s just the way it is. I’m saying this while I still believe that you grasp the obvious rules of not wearing anything as laidback as a pyjama to a wedding or a feather boa to the office - although both could look great if done right. In any case, take the fashion rules lightly, respect whatever you’re dressing for but never force yourself to wear anything that doesn’t feel ‘you’.


The fashion rules you should forget

Forget about sticking to one print only 

If this was a real fashion rule then half of Copenhagen fashion week would be banned from fashion altogether, and we all know it's the best fashion week of them all… In any case, mixing and matching prints is allowed, more than allowed: it’s encouraged! Stripes with florals, leopard with checks, polka dots with funky motifs - contrasting prints is one of the most fun fashion hacks to looking ultra-trendy and cool. It says you’re the life of the party and all you needed to do is show up. Of course, a simple outfit or a monochrome look works great as well but the one doesn’t have to cancel the other. Try it out once in a while, have some fun and see what works for you!


Forget about any rules for your “shape” of body 

Don’t get me wrong, some of us may find it comforting to know what is typically flattering for their body shape. But you should see these rules about what to wear according to your body shape or how tall you are as guidelines or even just opinions of others, not strict rules. Whether your body is being compared to a fruit or a shape or a celebrity, we all have different bodies even if they might seem similar. Besides that, we all have different tastes. I’m always reading that I should be wearing big structured tops to balance out by ‘pear-shaped’ body but I like wearing tight tops, I like wearing tight skirts and I know what I like and what I find flattering more than someone else does. It’s ok to look up what others think is flattering for your body shape, but use it as a starting point to explore silhouettes, patterns, and styles yourself.

The fashion rules you should forget

Forget about any color rules

There are some strict rules about what colors don’t go together apparently and I want you to completely forget about them. Navy doesn’t go with black, red doesn’t go with pink - the list goes on and all we can do is rip up that stupid list and wear whatever colors we feel like wearing. Again, it might be someone’s personal taste that blue doesn’t go with black, but I personally think the only thing that rules do is make your life a lot more difficult. Like mixing and matching patterns, creating quirky contrasts of colors is also heaps of fun and I wouldn’t want anyone missing out on that! The only fashion rules about the color you sort of have to follow is that you should wear black at a funeral and never wear white or black at a wedding - but those aren’t even really colors anyway.


The fashion rules you should forget

Forget about Sportswear being for sports only 

The fashion rule that athleisure is just for physical activity has kicked completely out of the gym is that you can’t wear sportswear when you’re not in some sort of sporty activity. With brands creating athleisure that is not only ultra-comfortable but impeccably stylish, it’s no wonder we want to wear athleisure beyond the confines of the gym. I personally don’t take my leggings off on A Saturday until it’s dinner time and we’re going out to dinner (there is still a time and place guys).


So I think we can conclude that most fashion rules are either to be ignored or to be taken very, very lightly. Now that you can let go of a little of all those restrictions, I hope you have a fresh view of shopping and putting outfits together. But most of all, I hope you just have fun getting dressed. 

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