Forget about leopard print, these are our top colorful patterns for summer 2019!

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 03/29/2019

There is a lot to process in today's world but there are 3 things which I know to be true: my love of prints, loud colors and the summer. So, I worked out a way to combine all three into my work:

The Colorful Patterns for Summer 2019

To lend a helping hand to those of you searching for new inspiration on what to buy for summer 2019, I have put together a list of the most popular colorful patterns and trends for the summer ahead. Scroll through the page for some inspiration about our favorite colorful patterns for summer (and where you can buy them).

Forget about leopard print, these are our summer 2019 colorful patterns.


Can you believe it? This vintage, edgy look is turning m-a-i-n-stream and now tie-dye is cool again. If you want to make tie-dye a trend for 2019, look out for tie-dye accents rather than trying to wear the full sha-bang. Check it out:


Celebrate color with one of the most wonderful colorful patterns of them all.

Animal Prints

… This actually might be one of the few patterns I have struggled to get behind - however, they are very fashionable so they deserve a spot in the blog. I think (hope) leopard print is on its way out and that snake print might be reaching its peak so what’s next? Zebra print: the animal print for summer 2019.

I’m seriously about to contradict myself with what I say next: I have to admit, I really do like animal prints if they're combined with bright colors - I really like that it's a bit more abstract and how the 80's inspired style draws attention.

But technicolor animal print still not doing it for you? If you're looking for more than just your 'standard' animal print - why not search for some animals printed.


Stripes will always be a classic option but if you’re searching for stripes with a twist for summer 2019 then you’ll need to look carefully. This year, stripes are seemingly smaller, thinner lines with a wider mixer of color (or set in abstract ways).

Color Block

I know, I know - not technically a print. However. If you're looking for trends in colorful patterns then I believe the color block prints deserve a spot on the list. Designers and brands have started to be more creative and more bold with their combination of colors and sometimes even adding a section of print detailing - we love!



If you've been reading along you might have found a theme: I'm a fan in abstract color patterns. The idea behind the abstract prints is a pretty simple one: go wild.

I will admit, it's much easier to buy an abstract print if you have the opportunity to try it on but here are some of my favorite choices right now.

Hang on, one second. Did you know Fashiola has a new filter option? You spoke, we listened! You can now search each category by the prints - if you have any suggestions for more, why not leave us a comment?

Okay - keep scrolling.


Remember when Gustav Klimt’s artwork was painted all over t-shirts? Well, fast forward to the digital age of 2019 and now you’re seeing photographs plastered across fashion. 


It is is back baby! Get ready to wear red, white and blue with a twist this summer as you find stars and stripes decorated all over your accessories and more.


… Or just the stars?

And finally, check it out...

It feels like we're re-embracing the 90s and taking the classic Vans checkerboard to the extreme with the latest check print trend.

If we discover that more colorful patterns become trendy as we get closer to summer 2019 (eek!) then rest assured, we will continue to update this page with the latest trends and our new favorite products. Until then, stay up to date with our Fashiola Favorites to find out what our editors are shopping for this month!

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