Find a St Patrick's Day Outfit Under $50

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 03/06/2018

If you’re lucky enough to be living in  NYC, Chicago or Boston then you’ll already know what your plans are for St Patrick’s day this year. Each year, Americans take to the streets to dress up in a Saint Patrick’s day outfit to go and celebrate with an opportunity to pay tribute to Irish and American culture.

This year, St Paddy’s falls on a Saturday which means there’s no excuse not to get yourself a St Patrick’s Day outfit and go and get into the river-dancing mood to party in the city! Whether you’re Irish, might have an Irish heritage or have no Irish blood whatsoever, St Paddy’s is a great excuse to have a grand o’ time with friends.

Green x Green x Green

Granted, green isn't one of the easiest colors to style but green has had it's fair share of the limelight. Green was Pantone's color of the year for 2017 which meant you can see accents of zesty green in jewelry, refreshing shades of green clothing and nature inspired foresty green coats and was one of Fall's sneaker trends. But does any of this matter? When it comes to a day of celebration if you're one chance to go over the top with your green outfit and just have to make sure you're wearing lots of it!

Find a St Patrick's Day Outfit Under $50

Finding a St Patrick's Day Outfit

Depending on what kind of celebration you’ll be attending you probably don’t want to spend too much on your St Patrick’s Day outfit so we’ve come up with different ways you can spend less than $50 on your green outfit.

Going all-out with green dresses

The easiest way to get yourself a bargain green outfit is hope for good weather where you can wear a green dress - which means you’ve only got to buy yourself one piece of clothing! There are a couple of places where you can buy some stylish green dresses under $50 especially if you’re opting for a more neutral camo-green than the traditional bubbly limerick green. Play it safe and wear green dresses with a pair of black boots or white sneakers and if you have the extra cash then you can dress up the look by wearing a pair of statement green earrings.


Going all night in green heels

If you’re planning on celebrating St Paddy’s throughout the night then a fun way to mix up the look is with a pair of green heels. You might be thinking 'when are you ever going to wear those again?' Well for starters, you’ve already got half your St Patrick’s Day outfit for 2019… but also the summer is just around the corner! This year is all about bright block colours and the camo-streetwear trend; both of which definitely include needing a pair of heels! You can wear green heels with some light wash jeans, flared shorts or a black bodycon dress.

Find a St Patrick's Day Outfit Under $50

For Wee (low-key) Celebrations

If going for green all day for your St Patrick's Day outfit seems a bit much then why not spruce up your look with some green accessories! One of the biggest trends for 2018 are over-the-top earrings: everything from fringe details to long and elegant designs are going to be popular in the coming year so this is a great excuse for you to invest in a new pair - perhaps in a color you wouldn't usually chose? Wearing a pair of statement earrings looks great with an off-shoulder top or dress.

If we're on the right track and you're looking for green accessories all for under $50 or different ways to add a pop of green to your St Patricks Day outfit then ties, tights and socks are a cheap and easy way to do it!

Get lucky in Green 

Perhaps you fancy throwing caution to the wind and want to treat yourself to one of these luxury pieces for your St Partick's Day outfit? To be fair, that is one show-stopper track suit!

Depending on how big St Paddy's day is in your state you might fancy yourself wearing all of these for your St Patrick's day outfit - etiher way, we wish you all the luck of the Irish and hope you have a cracking weekend!


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