Yes, you can wear sequins in the summer!

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 08/31/2018

Typically speaking, sequins are associated with the festive times of the year, meaning it’s totally acceptable to wear a sequin dress to Christmas parties or a sequin detailed blouse to a special event, like a wedding. But what about the rest of the year? But what if you just love sequins and glitter?

The more you think about it, sequins are actually perfect for the summer. The way sequins glisten in the sunshine make them the perfect decorative feature for any outfit. Don’t think you are limited to wearing a sequin dress to a winter event, there are many different ways to bedazzle your summer wardrobe. For everyone who is shouting ‘yaaaas’ behind your phone screen, here are 6 ways to wear sequins this summer.

Sequins in the Summer

6 ways to wear Sequins in the Summer

  • festival fashion 
  • Party wear
  • casual looks
  • sunny outfits 
  • accessories
  • sequined dresses

Festival fashion

Let's start with an obvious one: festival fashion. You can of course get away with wearing anything at a festival but I think sequins will make your look all the more magical. After a full day of shining brightly in the summer's sun your outfit will transform once again throughout the night as you continue to shimmer as the LED lights bounce off the sequins. Find out more about festival fashion tips in 2018.

Festival fashion

Incorporating sequins into an outfit does not mean you just have to wear a color-block of sequins. No no, sequins can be delicately decorated throughout a piece of clothing: 

Sequins + summer clothing

This is probably a more subtle way to wear sequins in the summer, as the sequins are used to create patterns on your summer clothing. You can wear a pair of sequined shorts with a plain and colorful t-shirt or blouse and you are set for a day hanging out in the sunshine!

Sequin shorts

Casual ways to wear sequins

If you're heading out for the day and looking for a trendy outfit then sequins can also be a creative way to break up the double denim look. You need something bold and distracting to break up the double denim look and a cute sequin top could be the perfect way to do it. Why not through on a pair of embellished boots to complete the look. Did I say casual? 

Sequins X Denim

Party wear

A definite favorite. When you get the special opportunity to wear sparkles to a party you couldn't feel more dolled up. I think that means you should be able to wear a sequin dress all year long! If you want to wear a sequin dress to a summer party then choose something loose fitting (or you'll get too warm) and a summery color. Pair the dress with some denim or casual flat shoes. Check out the collection from Revolve:

If you don't fancy wearing a sequined dress you can also wear sequin party wear in the form of a body or through accessories. Embrace the Americana fashion trend with this sequined top - which looks great with a pair of high-waisted shorts or skirt.

Party like an Americana

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

If you would like to ease yourself into this shining trend then start of by investing in some sequin detail accessories. This is about as low-key as this trend gets however!

Do you love all things glitter? Show us what sparkling outfit you would create with our look-books!

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