Must have Jackets for Fall

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 08/21/2018
Must have Jackets for Fall

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time for coats, jackets, and whatever else you want to wear to keep yourself warm on these chilly nights.

Watch out for

  • Metallics 
  • Check print / Plaid
  • Leopard print
  • Pastel palettes 
  • Faux Fur
  • Embroidery or Graphic prints
  • Tapestry print - new

Our must-have jackets for Fall

Shearling Jackets or Teddy Coats

When you see someone in a shearling jacket they just look effortlessly cool, with a retro vibe, shearling jackets continue to be a popular choice year on year. If you're looking for a twist on the more classic style (or in all honestly you’ve always wanted to walk around with a blanket) then the teddy coat is the perfect choice for you. The teddy coat looks and feels exactly like what the name suggest: a teddy bear… & lets be real who doesn't want to feel and look like a teddy bear.

  • Pastel prints continue to be a popular trend, even during the cooler months.


Leather Jackets

The money is on leather to be one of the top material trends for the season; thankfully this is one of the most versatile jackets a person can own. The versatility of the jacket allows you to find the perfect match for you, regardless of your personal style, your favourite colour, or preference in design. Perhaps it's time to check out a different style of leather jacket from the traditional style: long line or retro fit?

  • TIp: Graphic prints on jackets is on its way back into fashion - it's a bold look, but totally worth it?
Must have Jackets for Fall

Long Wool Coats

Wool is the perfect material for the Fall weather! From tawny brown to burgundy, these coats express a sense of luxury and modern style - espescially when they're double breasted (my favorite). If you’re small in height like me, look for midi-length coats, instead of having the material go all the way to the floor.

  • This year has been all about patternsleopard print coats and jackets are a popular choice alongside embroidery and tapestry prints on jackets.


Puffer Jackets

As streetwear has been a big trend in 2018 its unsurprising that the sporty-style has continued to winter. This year, the puffer jackets are taking on the look of a ski-jacket to keep inline with the streetwear edit.

  • If you want to add a feminine touch to the look to the trend check out the range of pastel puffers - but this year the trend is firmly focussed on the metallics range.

Plastic Jackets

Probably one of the quirkiest trends of the seasons - just seems to be a little bit different - but plastic jackets are on the rise as one of the popular styles in 2018. Right now fashion feels as if its teetering between an 80's vibe and going a bit futuristic which is why vinyl, clear-plastic and shiney metallics are a popular choice for the luxury designers. 

  • Tip: here's a few different ways you can style a wax jacket this winter.
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