Men, utilise your basics: Top 5 minimalist wardrobe essentials

By Lena Steffen | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 02/14/2019

If you're looking for male fashion advice for your minimalist wardrobe essentials then take inspiration from the utility trend. Happily, this trend is building momentum and at its core, the trend is filled with basic staple items (generally in a similar color tone) which you can easily mix and match. 

It can be a real challenge to find good basics fashion; that's why it's all the more important to invest in something good quality so that it last as long as possible - and as the trend grows, now all brands would like a slice of this market meaning you're spoilt for choice!

Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

Top 5 minimalist wardrobe essentials

Your simple t-shirt collection

There are many men out there who know that a good white t-shirt and some dark wash jeans is a solid outfit choice - it is so simple but so effective. A collection of neutral short sleeved tees are always valuable - look out for the organic cotton selection if you’re the environmentally conscious type. Make sure you’ve got the basics in black and white and you could even treat yourself to a low-key logo branded version.

Colorwise, to be on trend for 2019 look out for Acne’s range of pastel and specifically Coral - but we wouldn't exactly call that one of your minimalist wardrobe essentials.

Leather Jackets

The right leather jacket will last for years, which is why you should really consider investing in one. Even in a minimalist wardrobe, the leather jacket is deserving of one of your hanger spots. Leather jackets are a simple, classic style which has outlived many trends, and although you will find variations and embellished versions, a classic leather jacket will effortlessly transform any outfit. AllSaints jackets have my heart so my male fashion advice would be to take a look and see for yourself. 

Don’t forget, it's not all just male fashion advice, we’re a fashion search engine, compare styles to find the best price and see how fast it can be delivered to you. 


  • If you want a leather jacket to become part of minimalist wardrobe essentials then stay clear of big branding and generally the logomania craze. 
  • If you want to capitalize on the utility trend then treat yourself to a sturdy, thick leather jacket (perhaps even lined) to protect you from the elements.

Business Casual Shirts

Well, we did say this blog was about the basics! However, I would particularly focus on the range of shirts which you can translate from casual to office wear - making them a key element to your minimalist wardrobe essentials - these are often of higher quality, a slimmer fit, and generally more neutral tones. 

If you want to find one to suit the utility trend, we’d such a khaki, black denim shirt or thicker linen, each with some utility pocket detailing to complete the look. Personally, my advice would be to invest in a classic point collar, as they are uber trendy.


Your denim collection

Must, haves. There are endless varieties of denim pieces available out there, but there should be 2 staples in every wardrobe and that is your most comfortable pair of jeans and a vintage fit denim jacket.

There are so many options, how can you decide? It can be difficult to find the perfect fit for you, my male fashion advice would be that it's time to talk about brand loyalty. If you find the perfect fit of jeans for you, take care of them, and buy 2 more pairs in different colors (guilty - ok not very minimalist but if you live in your jeans like I do, then you'd understand)

Remember, if you want to make the most of your denim, don’t wash them too frequently and when you do, wash them in cold water (and by hand would be even better!).

Life Long Boots

Personally, I don’t think enough men are wearing boots. Perhaps they’re an intimidating purchase to try and style but in reality, they’re no different than a classic pair of sneakers. Take the time to try on a few pairs of ankle boots if you wouldn’t normally do so; we’d suggest looking for a suede pair as they can look a bit more casual.

And for the utility trend? It’s an obvious choice: a pair of lace-up, chunky boots. The likes of Timberland and Dr Martens lend themselves perfectly to the utility trend.

How can I be sure that these 5 elements are key to your minimalist wardrobe essentials? I tried it out for myself! Take a look at our Fashion Challenge, where a group of editors only wore 10 pieces of fashion for 10 days. 

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