Life in Plastic, is it Fantastic?

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 10/12/2018

Despite the world having woken up to the impact that plastic is having on our planet, one of the most inflated trends to emerge in 2018 is one of the most unforgiving resouces: plastic. With the rise of alternativetive fashion trends, such as futuristic fashion and the return of the 80's, it's unsurprising that pieces such as PVC miniskirts have made a come-back. As I struggle to convince myself how more plastic in the world could possibly be a positive thing I questioned what the trend was all about.

The reality is, fashion's consumption of plastic is already having a massive impact on the environment and PVC is one of the worst culprits. Clearly, this trend lends itself to experiemental stylist choices for the catwalk, but to me, covering yourself in a super-synthetic material for more than 15 minutes is probably as uncomfortable as it sounds.

For now, the trend has been embraced by luxury brands with higher price tags - which you would hope means that there has been some conscious decision making about resourcing the materials - but how can that be maintained when it hits the high streets? 

If you're exploring ways to buy into the plastic fashion, think consciously about how you consume the trend.

Life in Plastic, is it Fantastic?

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