Latest fashion: Beanies for Women

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 08/17/2018

It. Is. Cold. If you’re reading this from down South, then thank your lucky stars, because, we’re cold. It feels like the change in weather has come around so quickly, I wasn’t mentally prepared for winter. However, at Fashiola, we want to make sure you are ready for winter, whilst keeping up to date with the latest fashion. So, if you’ve already got your coats, sweaters and fluffy socks, then check out the latest fashion in beanies for women.

Beanies for Women


My Grandma always said ‘you lose most of your heat through your head,’ although now we know that might just be a myth, it’s still good advice to make sure you’ve got your brainbox wrapped up warm. Beanies for women are super comfortable and can be a fun additional and burst of color to any winter-y outfit. So, which of the latest fashion beanies for women are you?


A familiar face, the knit beanie has been on the block for a few years now. It’s a traditional look but can sometimes be a little loose, and involve a burst of color. The knit beanie is for practical women who want to maintain their style, even when it’s cold out and she’s got things to do.



Newer to the scene, the slouchy beanie is the edgier taste in winter headwear. The slouchy beanie’s for women who are taking life as it come, a free spirit, enjoying how beautiful winter has made the city. The slouchy bean is a bold statement and she probably up to date with other latest fashion trends.



We are always excited to the girls with pom pom beanies on - full of energy, colour and often some sparkle. The pom pom girls are traditional with a twist, manage to make the most of the winter months by bring a little fun to the look. If you’re looking for beanies for women who are full of life and style, this is the one for you!


How could we forget about them? The novelty beanies are always excited to see the winter come, because they always find the perfect opportunity to bring some joy to the dark days. There are lots of different types of novelty beanies for women, you might want to dress up as a cute animal or committing to the Christmas theme - it’s always important to have one of these in the group!


In all seriousness, there are so many different styles of beanies for women and at Fashiola, we have a huge range of household designer brands and boutique shops that you can wear, all in the latest fashion. So don’t think you have to cover up your style with a coat because there are beanies for women everywhere! If you're looking for more of the latest fashion, check out what's big in luxury trainers or the latest fashion from Europe.


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