How would you wear a black leather dress? Because this popular trend has arrived

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 09/19/2018

What i’m about to tell you really isn’t groundbreaking information but sometimes it’s nice to be able to visual what you already know in your head. Perhaps what you didn't already know was that the leather dress trend is on the rise and is going to be popular for AW18. 

Thankfully, this trend hasn't peaked during the height of summer (probably for obvious reasons) but maybe this year it's time to swap out of velvet skirts and glitzy tops and trade in for a really grown-up look, like leather. Check out Fashiola’s thoughts on how you could wear the black leather dress trend.

Do you need some extra inspo? Check out some of the look from the AW18 catwalks as popular labels such as Givenchy, Miu Miu and Herme's all had their own variations and take on the trend, and of course Stella McCartney had her faux-leather versions.

Personally, looking at a tight leather dress - that we will undoubtedly see more of on #influencers (follow us) - doesn't make me feel all that comfortable, even if it is cool out. That's why I think that that most flattering way to wear the leather dress trend is with a little flare (litterally). Despite the dresses being loose fitting their really keep their form in the strong material which is why ruffles and flare detailing continue to look good on a leather dress. 

Wearing a black leather dress is a bold look so wear it in combination with some contrasting materials. If your shiney black leather is the statement piece then complete the outfit witha  smooth wooden pair of shoes, like a trendy pair of clogs. If you're looking for more of a stand-out outfit incorporate some edgy stud detailing into your boots or accessories, like McQueen has done above.

Long leather dress

It's absolutely a cliché to wear a faux leather dress with a sultry red but if it ain't broken, don't fix it. If you're thinking about wearing red accessories with leather then the trends for AW18 are looking towards deeper tones, such as dragon fruit red, maroon or even a burnt sienna. Remember, little bursts of red will look better in this combo.

Red & Leather

I'm not sure how you could make a black leather dress a casual look (if you have any ideas show, us with your own stylebook) which means you're a little limited with what shoes you can wear with them.

  • I love chunky shoes, but if you're going to wear them with a faux-leather dress then i'd opt for a decorative pair.
  • Otherwise, open toe sandals and heels are the way foward. Or a pair of slip-on mules.
  • If you're thinking about wearing boots with a black leather dress then make sure its a short one.
Which shoes?

If you really wanted to you could even put together an all-leather outfit together. For this look you should play around with different lengths and shapes, like an edgy biker leather jacket, so you don't look like you've been wrapped in leather. However, proceed with caution as it's one thing to see it on your screen and another to make it work in real life. Personally, i'd add a little color to the look through a patterned scarf.

All leather everythang

What not to do?

  • Avoid high-leg boots with a black leather dress - there's just too much going on!
  • Focus on bright and saturated colors. The pastel trend might be a popular one but will be drowned out in combination with a leather dress. 
  • Be sensible with your use of leopard print like staying away from court shoes. But who knows, maybe you could pull it off as well as Cruella De’Vil?
What not to do

Right now it looks like the black leather dress is a luxury trend but perhaps there will be more faux-leather dresses making their way into the online-sphere with time. When planning an outfit keep all the extra to a minimum - you are already wearing a leather dress after all.

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