How to Wear Women's Leather Ankle Boots this Spring

By Nicolina Bengtsson | Styles | 06/15/2018

I hope it’s finally time to think about re-arranging my wardrobe. March is here; the weather is changing and it’s time to embrace all the Spring 2018 trends. If you were treated to a pair of women’s leather ankle boots this winter and you’re not sure how to work them into your refreshed Spring 2018 look? Well, let’s take a look at some of the ways your ankle boots will work for you this spring.

Spring 2018 Trends

  • The color of the year was announced as Ultra Violet and the trend of sickly colors has continued into the new season as pastels are beginning to dominate the Spring edits.

  • Goodbye vintage light wash jeans and hello dark denim.

  • Statement sleeves and puffed shoulders. But why?

  • This year, it’s all in the details. There are many different trends when it comes to unexpected detailing so you’ve got a choice. If there’s one thing you do this year is embrace one of these trends: ruching x ruffles, frilly fringes or lace-up detailing.

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Women's Leather Ankle Boots

The top trends in women’s leather ankle boots

If you weren't sucked in by the sock boot hype and still looking for the latest trends in ankle boots this Spring is all about embellished boots.

How to wear women’s leather ankle boots with a dress?

Black flat ankle boots for women are great to pair with a dress for two reasons. A pair of boots is a great way to dress up a look or make it relaxed. Personally, I really like the combo of wearing a pair of chunky black boots with a casual midi dress - opposites really do attract. The second reason is how much more comfortable  it is wearing a pair of boots for the evening over a pair of heels.

The floral midi dress: Daytime looks
Boho style festival outfit

Jeans X Black flat ankle boots for women

When it comes to wearing jeans with a pair of ankle boots your first thought might be skinny jeans. However, why not try wearing your boots with some cropped dark denim jeans instead? The spring 2018 trends for denim are about loose fitting jeans and flares. You can roll up a pair of loose fitting mom jeans to show of your boots and a pair of brightly colored socks.

Ok. These aren't strictly speaking black flat ankle boots however it's one way to wear a pair of boots in a smart casual look for Spring!

Spring blazer: smart casual

As we’re covering Spring 2018 trends it’s right to discuss how the women’s leather ankle boots can be revamped for spring/summer: peep toe ankle boots.

We should probably try and make the most of the fact it isn’t actually raining outside so you can wear peep toe ankle boots. Pair these ankle boot with a suede skirt  or an asymmetrical dress so you can really show them off! 

It's really up to you whether you want to treat yourself to a new pair of peep toe ankle boots or think you've found some good tips on how to re-work your women's leather ankle boots for Spring 2018. Don't be afraid to make your winter looks work for you this Spring 2018!

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