How to style our favorite Spring Blazers

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 08/09/2018

For 2018 the humble blazer has had a make-over and found its way into our Instagram feeds. This year instead of choosing a dress for a party why not wear a co-ord suit?  It’s time to feel like a female boss with this collection of Spring blazers.

Have you never considered bagging yourself a blazer? You'll soon see how many blazer styles there really is and how versatile the trend can be! Whether you think your style is minimal, loud + colourful or an edgy streetstyle there is a definitely a spring blazer for you!

spring blazers 2018

Which are your favorite Spring blazers?

When it comes to SS18 trends you can choose to go one of two ways. Either you choose a well-love Spring trend and pick a pastel colored blazer. The soft-hues of pastel colors make them  perfect ice-cream colored clothing to add to your spring/summer wardrobe.

However this year is all about the daring trends. Why not choose one of the bold blazers for women? Saturated colors and mixed prints are popular trends in 2018

The grey plaid blazers for women

I might be going against the bright and bubbly Spring color trends but my favorite blazer styles has got to be the grey plaid versions. Fashion has taken the grey blazer and managed to make it a really modern and chic style - something which I love! Grey blazers for women are not dull to wear: pair an oversized plaid grey blazer with some distressed denim. If you roll up the sleeves, wear a sheer top and a mini skirt and some chunky shoes, you’re on for a winning outfit!

How style the blazer jacket.

1. Smart casual for work: If you’re looking for an effortlessly chic look to wear to work simply pair your oversized blazer with a turtleneck sweater - a blazer jacket is definitely a must-have for your summer office wear! If you're looking for a more relaxed look you can even wear a spring blazer with a branded band tee.

Spring blazer: smart casual

2. Streetwear + Sexy: Blazers for women can definitely be considered sexy! If you’ve chosen one of the low-cut blazer styles this smart casual look isn’t limited to office-wear, your blazer jacket can be worn day-to-night by simply whipping off the top you have underneath.

I <3 Grey Plaid Blazers

3. Print on print craze: At the moment it's really popular to double up on trends and a favorite is mixing prints. You can make the most of  your bold spring blazers by mix and matching prints. We've previously covered some of the things to consider if you're going to mix prints but most importantly it's to have fun with this trend!

Blazer mix print co-ord

There are so  many different ways to wear your spring blazers, the opportunities are endless! Make sure you invest in a splash of spring colour and get yourself ready for that sunnier months!

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