5 Different Styles for Festival Outfit Ideas

By - Alicja - | Styles | 04/18/2019

Summer is fast approaching which means one thing: festival season is nearly here! My summer has always been filled with live music; spending summer days at festivals is my all-time favorite thing to do. Thankfully in the states we are spoiled for choice when it comes to music festivals. From Ultra Music festival in Miami to Coachella this weekend, all eyes around the globe look here for the latest fashion in music, muddy-mayhem and festival outfit ideas. If you aren’t sure what you should be packing in your rucksack this year, here are 5 of my favorite festival fashion trends, inspired by styles old & new.

Festival Fashion Styles

Festival fashion must-haves

Our selection of essentials in prep for festival outfit ideas.

Boho fashion for festivals

This style is a timeless classic when it comes to music festival outfits. Boho fashion is probably one of the easiest festival outfit ideas to get on board with; and elements of the trend are super popular for 2019! Floral patterns and fringe fashion are some of the top trends this year, so if you invest in a floral midi dress, fringe accessories or statement earrings they can be worn way past festival season! You can go all out for this trend by wearing a mixture of patterns, materials, and hair accessories. Or, you can pick your favorite parts of the summer fashion trends just remember accessories are key! Shop the boho festival style edit here.

Boho style festival outfit

Acceptable in the 80’s: fashionable neons

This year is all about the revival trends however picking that 70’s style for a festival is definitely a cliché. Bring a touch of 80’s fashion to your music festival outfits for 2019, this fun trend is all about bright colors and daring materials; perfect for festival fashion! Tulle was a popular choice for the SS18 collections for New York Fashion Week as the translucent material was spotted on the runways for Calvin Klein, Burberry, Topshop Unique and many more - so by now it's probably trickled down into high-street fashion. If you’re not quite ready to wear a tulle skirt why not find something with some tulle detailing, like this Natasha Zinko skirt? To complete the 80’s look all you have to do is creatively mix and match your neon colors!

80's music festival outfit

Streetwear: Luxe Athleisure Wear

The streetwear trend has found it’s way into every part of 2018/19 and it is definitely not going to stop at festivals. As 90’s sportswear brands have found a new lease of life so have some throwback trends: side snap pants. The streetwear trend might not immediately spring to mind as one of your festival outfit ideas but you can find a pair of these pants at every price point, making them perfect for a festival! Wear your side snap pants with a crop top, pair of branded chunky sneakers, a bomber jacket and some finish off the look with some streetwear accessories!

Just there for a good time?

If you don't think you fall into any of the tribes described then you're probably going to the festival for a good time. Stock up on the essentials and add a little party gal fun to your look with bright colors and glitter. Here are the foundations to make up the perfect party girl outfit.  


One of your music festival outfits should be inspired by the live music around you. Head to toe, all in black, you will feel like on of the stars of the show dressed up like a rock star. Frayed shorts, transparent t-shirts and fishnet tights complete the rock look as one of your festival outfits. This edgy look will have heads turning all weekend long.

If you don't have an unhealthy obsession with black, like I do, then obviously pick your fav dark + edgy colors!

Festival fashion no-no’s.

When it comes to festival styles there is very little that isn’t acceptable. However, white sneakers, native headdresses and bindis are amongst the few things you should watch out for this festival season. Dress up and have fun! But don’t over complicate your music festival outfits.

Show us which of these festival outfit ideas is your favorite by creating a look book of your own! And let us know which of the amazing festivals you're heading to this summer in the comments!

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