Favorite Fall Patterns for 2018

By Rima Baroud | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 10/02/2018
Favourite Fall Patterns

Before we get onto Fall patterns, let's start at the begining...

All fashion designers have already determined which colors, according to them, should be most popular in Autumn. However, there are few other avenues of inspiration we can explore for color trends this year. They might not be in regards to fashion per se but it doesn't hurt to check out what are popoular trends. One thing is for certain, if you love these colors for fall you'll love them for Winter too!

This Fall all the color inspiration has come from the weather so expect Earthy tones throughout 

  • Warm yellow - hold onto the summer by melowing out your yellow and adding a touch of mustard yellow suede or silk to your wardrobe.
  • Metal gray - right now, a dull-gray is a popular look on structrued-shoulder sweaters and turtle necks but rest assured as the festive season comes around this will turn into a sequin craze. 
  • Forrest green - every year a deep green is popular throughout the Autumn and for obvious reasons. This year, why not try a satin variation?
  • Brown - and of course, alongside the green is a burnt brown. This year inject boho-chic into your wardrobe with some extreme fringing.
  • Midnight blue - replace black with a midnight blue in 2018. A mixture of cashmere, suede and thick-knit sweaters combined with a pomegranate is a winner this year.
  • Summer colors? Find out what the editors at Fashiola thought of the last seaosn.

Favorite Fall Patterns


Blazers, skirts and pants are my top three favourite clothing items, flourishing in checkered patterns. This pattern is hugely popular this fall/winter season, especially in blazers and coats. You can translate the classic gray-check form the 80's into a more Autumn vibe by introducing some of the popular colors of the season; such as earthy tones. The style is elegant yet modern, and incorporates our favourite fall colours like nude, gray, brown, bordeaux and green.


This year we're mixing up the classic Fall check for something a little more traditional: tweed. It's only a little twist on the check print so wear the trend in a similar way.

Animal Instinct

This is another print that is still going strong, and keeps popping up from season to season. This year we're going wild for leopard print and that has extended to be tiger, lion, snake and cheetah print. Our favorite way to wear the trend is blouses and accessories. Proceed with caution to make sure you maintain the elegant and classy vibe.

Scarf prints

This year designers have taken a simple scarf print and enlarged it. Once you see it, you'll never un-see it. Dresses and tees are covered in scarf prints - its mainly luxury right now but i'm sure it will make its way into all fashion.

Black Back Florals

Florals are a print which are popular all year round however for the fall they've been injected with a little bit of a darker side. Back-black florals are a popular way to wear the trend; I love to see them in midi-dresses and peplum hem tops!

Color block

Is it technically a print? No but it is a color-trend for AW18. As the 80's continues to influence fashion into the year, we're seeing contrasting combinations of colors in color block form. It's a bold look, but if you can pull it off, its a winner!

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