Celebrate 4th July in Red, White and Blue

By Philippa Jones | Styles | 07/04/2017
Celebrate 4th July in Red, White and Blue

It's that time of the year again, time to wish happy birthday to the USA! If you're anything like the team at Fashiola you're probably also hanging out with your family and friends and getting ready for a weekend of festivities and fireworks! But you also need your down-time during this weekend of fun and what better way to treat yourself than through a little retail therapy? Online shopping = Fashiola!

Red, White and Blue.

When it comes to summer shopping, bright colors are a must and what better colors to buy today than red, white and blue. One of 2018's top trends just happens to be Americana fashion. This year you can look patriotic and fashionable in your Americana inspired clothing. If you'd rather just opt for one of the fashionable flag's colors, this is how you shop the top trends in red, white and blue!

Party like an Americana


As bold as they can come; red is one of the most confident colors you can wear on a warm summer's day! Wearing a candy-apple red is all about making (which is perfect for fashion in 2018). If you're looking for a way to incorporate a fiery red in your wardrobe why not balance it out with ruffle detailing, stripey patterns or a touch of red accessories?


It's easy to look graceful and chic whilst wearing white - bar a few exceptions (leggings) there isn't much that doesn't look good in white. From summery white dresses to a trendy pair of white denim jeans you are ready to build on your outfit with some bold & bright detailing. As linen is a top trend in materials for 2018 it lends itself perfectly to be able to wear white on the 4th of July! White linen skirts or a crisp white blouse would also be a great addition to your wardrobe!


This is probably the most versatile choice for July Fourth as there are so many different shades you can wear. Don't make it too easy for yourself by choosing a denim as your shade of blue this year because there are so many great trends which feature a great shade of blue! As pastels are back in fashion for summer (and the winter too!) there's lots to choose of from blue. Personally, blue stripes and polka dots are my number 1 way to wear blue in 2018! Check out our favorite pieces

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