Can you really wear velvet in summer?

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 08/14/2018

Long read - - Strictly speaking, velvet would be considered a fabric more closely associated to fall/winter styles. Alongside sequins and glitter, velvet fabric springs into a must-have style as the festivities begin and party wear blossoms. But can you actually wear your collection of velvet in summer?

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My initial response would be to say no. Velvet fabric is more ubiquitous with winter fashion... however if that’s really the case then why are we seeing celebrities, influencers wearing it and designers continue to produce lines of velvety summer clothes?

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Seems as if its actually do able! You can rock velvet in summer. Here are a few tips on how you can make velvet work for you.

  • Light colors

  • Go casual

  • Summer styles

  • 2018 trends

Tips on Wearing Velvet in Summer

If you are going to wear velvet in summer there's a few ways you can rework the dark, luxurious material to work for sunnier days. Choose a lighter palette of velvet clothing: blush pink, lavender, even grey or a crushed velvet version of the usual deep colors lends itself well for the summer.

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Bottomwear is undoubtedly one of my favorite fashion pieces in 2018; jeans and pants have been through a total revamp and now you can wear a pair of velvet wide leg pants as office wear in the height of summer or if you're going out on a romantic evening.

  • Pair velvet pants with white shirt or a silky ruffle blouse and some loafers to complete the look.
Can you wear velvet in summer?

Velvet fabric might be a great choice for party-wear but that doesn’t mean you can’t go casual with the look.

  • Find yourself a slouchy velvet t-shirt to wear with some light denim for a relaxed look

Alternatively,  you can bring summer styles to velvet. Strappy tops, loose fitting crop tops and cut-out detailing will transform your winter-y wear to be suitable for summer.

But the parties don't stop in the summer. It might be considered a bit of fashion cliché to suggest wearing velvet to a party - but does that mean it doesn’t look good? Velvet can continue to be a popular choice to wear to a party, event or night out even in the summer. Sexy slip dresses, strapless dresses or mini skirts are all fair considerations for the velvet/summer combo. If you’re trying to brighten up your (dark) velvet outfit remember to go minimal with your make-up and introduce a different material (time to find the sequin clutch) to break up the velvetiness.

Perfect for Spring - a bright Velvet Tailored Jacket. #TOMFORD

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2018 X Velvet

As the likes of Tom Ford have been inspired by a blast from the past with 80’s fashion velvet has found it’s way be trendy in 2018. Animal print fabric, velvet mini skirts, power-woman blazers, velvet chokers are just some of the ways you can work high-fashion into your wardrobe this year. Here are some of my must-have velvet pieces.

Have you been convinced: Will you be wearing velvet in summer 2018? Show us how in one of your own stylebooks!

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