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By Gal Dagan | Styles | 11/23/2018

OFF-WHITE, debuted in 2013, is the cool kid on the block. This streetwear brand brings us a mix between the creator Virgil Abloh’s different careers: from DJ to creative director for Kanye West to designer to graphic designer to architect. The mastermind, who grew up in Rockford, Illinois, studied engineering at first but then art and architecture, so it’s easy to see he takes bits from all areas and mixes it together in collections everybody wants to wear.

OFF-WHITE is not only influenced by Abloh’s past studies. His travels (from the brand’s HQ in Milan to Seoul, Paris, NYC, he’s everywhere and nowhere) and his friends, he says, are what inspires him most. OFF-WHITE is all about mixing high end brands (think: Louis Vuitton, Hermès or Givenchy) with streetwear; it takes on traditional items and switches it up to create a new kind of style.

Wanna buy OFF-WHITE clothing?

We've got a number of places you could buy OFF-WHITE apparel at, for men and women. Farfetch, Louisaviaroma, Saks Fifth Avenue and Italist are just a few.  Check out OFF-WHITE's popular items for men on Fashiola below.

The OFF-WHITE Sweatshirt

OFF-WHITE's story began with a sweatshirt, so we understand how this item is one of the most popular ones. The classic OFF-WHITE sweatshirt has stripes on its sleeves, and can have a graphic or logo on the front as well.

A real change for men's luxury belts

OFF-WHITE took on men's luxury belts belts and adjusted our view of what a luxury belt must look like. No longer do we go for the 'classic' brown or black leather belt, oh no. From now on, we take on colors: blue, orange, yellow and purple. We go all out and don’t hide behind the mainstream luxury belts.

So you're looking to buy sneakers online?

OFF-WHITE’s sneakers are as cool as their sweatshirts and belts and you’re sure to love them. You can buy sneakers online or you can buy OFF-WHITE sneakers sneakers in some of their physical stores. Have a look at their sneakers below.

The Fashion Search Engine

If you're searching for a specific type of OFF-WHITE fashion, such as looking to buy sneakers online, what better tool than a fashion search engine? Plug in the details you're looking for and search & compare for the best price and shipping fees - all the details are in the pop up!


Want to buy OFF-WHITE but not quite sure how to style it? We put together an outfit styling an OFF-WHITE sweatshirt, one of their men’s luxury belts and a pair of their sneakers for some fashion inspiration.


OFF-WHITE’s collections are highly praised for the way they are changing the luxury fashion culture, and Abloh’s vision for the brand continues to impact the industry in a trail-blazing way. He is cross-platform messaging like no other designer has done previously. OFF-WHITE, we think, will continue to gain popularity so don’t wait too long before making a valuable purchase!

Haven't been convinced to buy OFF-WHITE just yet? Check out the latest collection of clothing right here.

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