Burst of Color & Design

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 08/18/2017
Burst of Color & Design

Sticking to the color palettes and designs that you know suit your body is something we all do. It allows us to define our own style, whilst being comfortable in it. But after years of circling around the same colors and same 5 outfit sets...something in you might be telling you to switch up your wardrobe. Now, i’m not saying we want to completely switch up our wardrobe, because I know I need my black culottes and white tees there for me weekly...but adding a burst of color and bold designs to your wardrobe can be a fun way to redefine your style in a way that will feel natural to you.

& Other Stories

…& what better way to do that then to shop through the new collection from & Other Stories. This collection allows color and patterns to do the talking, all you have to do is wear it. This collection is filled with eye-popping colors that mix modern with classic. Not only do these colors feel pleasing to the eye, they are also unique in their design and style, ranging from round lilac pouches, to bright red dresses.

So what are my favorites from their new collection?

Blouses & Shirts

Blouses are a classy addition to any outfit, and this new collection knows how the perfect them like no other. The designs and styles range from neck tie blouses to frill blouses in bold colors like purple and red, and in minimalist colors like black and white. Adding this to some pants, or even skinny jeans will give you that boost of class and style you want.



No dress design is the same, they are all unique in their own ways, and that's what I love about this collection. It allows people that have different styles to shop from the same collection and brand. Whether you're more into casual simple dresses or want something a bit more chic, this collection has it all.



I am absolutely obsessed with the designs of these new collection bags. They are statement-pieces by themselves, and with colors like purple and green, they become an essential part of any outfit. These colors represent a mixture of modern mixed with classic styles to make something new and fresh.


Comment your favorites below! 

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