Wait, are ripped jeans really going out fashion?

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 07/12/2019

I was recently told that ripped jeans are going out of style… and yet, everyone still seems to be ripped jeans outfits. Confused by the information presented to me, I’ve done a little research (read: influencer stalking) to see whether it’s genuinely true - and guess what? I don’t think it is.

Are ripped jeans really going out fashion?

Not that I live my life through influencers, nor am I resembling influencer looks to the office every day, but I figure it’s as good as place as any to start my research into what could only be the truth.

Perhaps you have sensed the light tone of offence littered through my writing? That's because I own a pair of ripped jeans which I love, sorrynotsorry, so I was shocked to hear that my beloved jeans might have gone of out fashion.

Anyway, want to hear a run through of the jean trends for 2019?

  • Embroidered Denim - a feminine touch to the classic denim look

  • Straight Leg Jeans - low rise jeans might even be coming back into fashion (stick to high-waisted if I were you)

  • Hem detailing - folded up or twisted into bows, take your pick.

  • Wide leg jeans - still going strong in 2019.

I'd quickly like to add a caveat that there should be a limit to just how ripped your jeans should be. For example 'the-overly-ripped-hardly-even-jeans-anymore' style were definitely left back with Britney pre-2007, and I'm not sure you should be wearing jeans with a hole under the bum.

But you know, the lightly distressed, high quality denim is still in style. Stay classy, guys.

How do you style ripped jeans?

When it comes to styling my own ripped jeans, I do my best to make sure that the jeans are the statement piece of the outfit, keeping the rest of the look fairly neutral and suitable for a casual setting. If worn well, I think a ripped jeans outfit is even perfectly suitable for a casual office environment.

The most straightforward way to wear the trend is combining a pair of ripped jeans with a high-quality white t-shirt and a pair of black ankle boots or sneakers, depending on the cut of your jeans. Then build on this basic, swapping a plain t-shirt for a band tee or loose fitting white blouse.

I quite like the over simplified look as it allows you to get really creative with your accessories and jewelry layering; something I recently learn more about from Demi, one of our editors in Europe.

The easiest way to style ripped jeans is in a light wash or standard blue denim - but that isn't to say you can't stay on trend. Explore some of my current faves.

And of course, you could swap out the casual elements of your look for something a little more exciting to take your ripped jeans outfit from day to night. Add an inch or two to the boots you're wearing or create a contrast by wearing some dainty heels with ripped mom jeans. Complete the look with an out-out top such as a plunging cami worn with a bralette or a wrap around top - and you're set!

Breezy Bralettes
Check Blazer 2019

Phase two of my research (yep, there are phases) was to check out what the leading denim brands were up to. So, I had a look at Levi’s, 7 for all Mankind, Diesel, etc and scrolled through the feeds from some of our favorite luxury-labels. Eager to learn about my findings? See for yourself... 

So just to definitely confirm: are ripped jeans going out of style? Not this year.

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