How to style ALLSAINTS Hawaiin Shirts for Men

By Nicolina Bengtsson | Styles | 10/02/2018

Men's tropical shirts

This Spring designers are bringing the vacay vibes straight to you with a wonderful selection of men's tropical shirts. Brands have turned up the heat when it comes to the latest collection of Hawaiin shirts for men by using electric color schemes and being more creative with the use of floral patterns and repetitive prints.

I love Hawaiin shirts; having recently invested in a throwback shirt from a flea market (okay - so it wasn't really an investment). However, my favorite style of men's shirt is the designs and styles from decades ago, which is why i'm so excited by AllSaint's  collection of shirts from their archives. Find out more below!

Hawaiin Shirts for Men

AllSaint's Collection of Hawaiin Shirts for Men

AllSaints have heard the cries for men's tropical shirts and bringing back some of their signature styles from the archives. After votes from thousands of fans, AllSaints have released 10 of their throwback men's tropical shirts. As promised, the collection of shirts stay true to their roots and the AllSaints summer attitude; informal, spirited and unapologetically extroverted.

Wanna find out how to style these wacky + wonderful shirts?

Informal and Spirited

If you're looking for a simple summer look then a skinny pair of distressed denim shorts work exceptionally well with an oversized, loudly colored shirt as they balance each other out. 2018 is all about being branded so throw on a white t-shirt (which is supposed to look casual but is actually a luxury tee) underneath your tropical men's shirt and finish it off with a pair of neutral tortoise shell sunglasses!

Show off your Summer Attitude

Look like a tourist on your own streets with this summer style. Be brave and mix and match prints when wearing a tropical shirt; it's easily done! Stripes are considered a 'neutral color' when it comes to doubling up on prints, so as long as you keep to a similar color palette you'll be good to go! You couldn't look more ready for the beach wearing a printed short sleeve shirt so finish off the look with a pair of swim shorts and 60's style hat and sliders. Check out the top trends for men's summer fashion.

Unapologetically extroverted

If you already have an impressive collection of men's tropical shirts and you consider yourself more of a pro when it comes to bearing bold outfits then you must be as excited as I am to see this trend blossoming!

If you're going to be wearing a eccentric shirt anyway why not go all out with your outfit choice? Overly ripped jeans, a brightly colored pair of sneakers and fashionable accessories such as the "belt bag" (fannypack) and some retro-looking sunglasses finish off the look.

Tropical Party Wear 

This should be your first choice for a party shirt for men; wearing a statement shirt to a party has to be one of the easiest outfits to put together. Let your shirt do all the talking by combining a bright and bubbly shirt with a simple pair of black jeans and some suede boots. Complete the look with a black leather jacket or a suede bomber (depending on the shoes).

This trend is where you can wear a bright colored pair of sneakers with your outfit, and a quirky pair of socks. Whether you're going to tuck your shirt in a pair of wide-leg pants or wear it open over a branded tee: have fun with your collection of tropical men's shirts. It's the perfect look for summer evening strolls or hot days on the beach. Dress up the look with a pair of desert boots. Make it look more low-key by wearing it under a loose knit sweater and a dark denim pair of jeans. Who would have thought such an eccentric shirt could work for so many occasions?

Shop the whole collection of AllSaint's Hawaiin shirts for men here

Are you looking for more of the throwback tropical shirts for men? Check out the collection of shirts from Vestiaire Collective. This shop is an online marketplace for buying pre-owned designer fashion - so if you're lucky there are some great vintage finds!

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