Which FRIENDS 90's fashion style are you?

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 09/18/2018

Some of you might have seen that one of the most popular TV shows from our past has taken the Netflix generation by storm. I have also been indulging in keeping up with 6 of the most popular characters to come out the turn of the century and whilst I was watching I was inspired by the fashion from the 90s that popped up on screen. Re-watching the series has made me realise how fashionable and well styled all the FRIENDS actors really were and it got me thinking: which of the 90s fashion styles would I like to be?

What 90's fashion style are you?

Minimal X Monica

Mon kept her 90s style clothing pretty simple however her dark hair meant that she could pull off some bold colors, so often her outfits featured a dramatic red. Fashion from the 90s means high waisted everything so Monica’s wardrobe was made up of some funky pants, suede skirts and a impressive collection of denim. You can usually spot her in a pair of high waisted and loose fitting jeans - a staple of fashion from the 90s. Monica usually pairs her jeans with a loose fitting cropped sweater or a simple cami.

This doesn’t mean that Monica didn’t get dolled up. It’s a classic look from the 90s to wear a slip dress over a tee, meaning Monica and the rest of the Friends actors can often be spotted in the outfit. There have been some great casual dresses on the TV show which are often worn with a pair of high-top sneakers.

Dress like Rachel Green

When it comes to fashion from the 90s, Rachel Green is definitely a go-to girl. Her love for fashion on the show clearly translated into some iconic looks which we are still being inspired by almost 25 years later. Whether you have been inspired to dress like Rachel Green by her denim overalls, killer suits or waistcoat and skirt combos, it’s actually Rachel’s plaid wearing which has me excited. Rachel’s look definitely matured over time but my fav outfits are definitely from earlier series after her move to the big city.


Before sitting down and watching endless hours of Friends I couldn't imagine myself in a pair of loafers. Now, I find myself browsing through pages of them... these shoes are sure to make a come back this year! And if you need any extra persuading, Farfetch have 10% off for new customers this month!

Boho-chic eccentric?

How could we try and define Phoebe’s eccentric style? Pheebs took 90s fashion and made it her own. Usually, Phoebe can be spotted in a boho chic look with fringe detailing, floor length cardigans and kimonos and some statement jewelry. Phoebe is so hipster she has been thinking about her consumption choices since the 90s and choosing only to wear things which are vegan approved. Some of my favorite pieces from her wardrobe were the quirky sheer tops, the loudly colored coats and jackets and the random prints on her graphic tees.  Out of the Friends actors, I think i’m most inspired by Phoebe… because anything goes!


Oh. My. God. Janice?

Curveball… Is Janice the tacky character we loved to hate or is she actually one of the stars of 90s fashion? You’ve gotta give it to her, there is a real skill to pulling off all that print - especially when it’s worn together! The print on print is definitely a trend which is coming back so maybe Janice is the icon for you?


Print on print trend x leopard print

Inspired by the boys

When you think back to the 90s fashion, Ross Gellar doesn’t instantly spring to mind as a fashion icon however give credit where it’s due the male Friend’s Actors are rocking the fashion from the 90s. It’s the turtlenecks and high waisted jeans and the fantastic collection of shirts and leather jackets which made them so lovable.

If we look past some of the questionable stereotyping in Friends there is so much I love about 90s fashion. I think i have a low-key obsession with turtlenecks right now having just got over my obsession with dungaree dresses... Doubling up on trends is was a big part of fashion from the 90s and you can read more about tips on how to revive these looks here.

Which one of your Friends actors is your favorite 90s fashion style? Do you wish you could dress like Rachel Green all the time? Let us know in the comments!

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