4 fall outfit ideas that aren’t just jeans and a sweater

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | 08/21/2019

Just because it’s sweater weather doesn’t mean that’s all you can wear, we round up 5 fall outfit ideas to get you out of that snooze-worthy routine. I know this season is all about cozying up and pumpkin spice lattes, but it’s not a bad idea to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Our favorite fall looks are still pretty low-effort if you follow this guide!

4 fall outfit ideas that aren’t jeans and sweater

1. One-color denim suit 

I’m all for staying true to blue, but a matching denim set or separates in a different color feels fresher than the Canadian Tuxedo. It’s as stylish as a “proper” suit but the Americana feel of a classic trucker denim jacket and straight jeans gives it a relaxed edge. Go for a bold color like Eva Chen at London Fashion Week or a more versatile white or black to use as a base of endless outfits. Dress it up in heels or down in sneakers, the denim suit is a blank canvas for any outfit and occasion (maybe not your cousin's wedding, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that).

4 fall outfit ideas that aren’t jeans and sweater

2. Boots to the rescue 

Wearing your summer dress with boots is perhaps one of the easiest tricks in our book of fall outfit ideas, yet one that is often forgotten. Before the weather cools down, get yourself a pair of boots that you can match easily with different dresses or midi skirts. Dr. Marten's boots will always do the trick, but for something chicer, look for leather boots that end just under your knees with a good chunky heel. When it comes to the dress it can be literally any of your favorites, throw over a big cardigan or a comfy winter jacket towards the end of the season and you’re good to go!

4 fall outfit ideas that aren’t just jeans and a sweater

3. Dungarees and a bright turtleneck

A pair of sandals, dungarees and a cute top peeping from under is a solid A+ Summer look, but clearly, you’ll need something a little warmer in the colder months of Fall. A turtleneck is your go-to solution for this, just make sure you go for a different color turtleneck than the dungarees you’re wearing to avoid looking like you’re just covered in cloth.  Pick a color of the rainbow and make it brighter so that your sober dungaree just feels a bit more lively. 

4 fall outfit ideas that aren’t jeans and sweater

5. The dress over jeans trick

And you thought your floral dresses left with that summer breeze... well think again because this fall outfit idea will bring them back in a bigger way. This looks a lot trickier than it really is,  but it’s a fun way to really surprise yourself with your styling skills. Wearing a dress over jeans only works with dresses that are floaty, at least midi length, oversized or a little baggy – I would not recommend wearing a bodycon dress over a pair of skinny jeans...  Since you’re dressing out of the box here anyway, play around a little with layering, colors and proportions.

4 fall outfit ideas that aren’t jeans and sweater

5. Next Level Layering

Sure, fall outfit ideas are usually all about layering for the unreliable weather, but there’s a reason I added that “next level” here. This is a little more out there than just throwing on your favorite cardigan over a blouse, instead, you’re matching prints and color blocking your layers. I love the above look of checked prints but you can also mismatch a striped print with a solid bright pink or a bright blue with a polka dot print. The point is not to choose basics to blend in under key pieces, but to really indulge in the fun of layering different colors and prints. 

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