3 Ways to Dress Up the Casual Midi Dress

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 02/19/2018

Midi length dresses have become a popular trend and as a spring approaches we’re sure they will continue to be worn by the many. Midi dresses are a versatile style of dress meaning they can be cute casual dresses for a sunny day or great for the office and a day-to-night look. If you’re not quite sure how to put together a dressed up look featuring a casual midi dress then we have some top tips!

Why I love a casual midi dress

A midi dress is great because it doesn’t matter what body type you are because there are so many different styles. If you want to highlight your waist, prefer a longer length or just like to feel fancy in a midi length dress then i’m sure this is a trend you can get on board with too!

3 Ways to Dress Up the Casual Midi Dress

Find your footing: KILLER BOOTS

You might be thinking that wearing a pair of heeled boots might look a little strange with a midi length dress however it actually works. If you choose to wear a more tightly fitting casual midi dress then wear it with a light denier pair of tights and a pair of  heeled black boots. You can give your look an element of edge by wearing a casual midi dress with a pair of embellished boots or a classic pair of Dr. Martens.  

If you don't think boots are quite right for the event then a pair of lace up heels or sandals will also help dress up this look.

Accessories to wear with cute casual dresses

Accessories might seem like an obvious way to elevate a casual look but here are a few tips for when you pick your perfect pairings!

  • If you’re wearing a floral midi dress then a chunky, decorative belt will help break up the print and is a great way to highlight your waist.

  • The best time to wear some over the top bold dangly earrings is when you’re wearing a off-the shoulder midi length dress.

  • If you’ve opted for the edgy body-con midi dress look then wearing it with a leather rucksack will definitely dress it up! And maybe even some glittery socks...

  • Do you love the boho-chic look? A casual midi dress would look great with a fringe cross-body bag - one of the top trends for 2018!

Mix it up with a floral midi dress

Whether you’re looking for a fun and flirty outfit or something with a little attitude then a mature floral midi dress is a great choice. By making the dress the statement piece you have already elevated your casual dress to look that extra bit sophisticated! Try pairing your floral midi dress with a cropped leather jacket or a stylish blazer to dress up your outfit. This look is one of my favorites for cute casual dresses as you can make it super feminine or give it a little edge - here's more info on how to wear the look.

If you’re looking for a dress you can wear all day, from the office to an evening date or brunch to an accidental afternoon on the town then a casual midi dress is the perfect choice! You can easily transform your look with a statement pair of earrings or a quick change of shoes and you’re ready to go!

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