25 Future Fashion Statement Jackets We Think You Should Own

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 11/28/2018

By this point in the season, trends have started to settle, and we all have a better idea of which parts of the season’s trends you would like to embrace, love or avoid.  When it comes to the futuristic fashion trend, there are some quirky aspects to the trend which might appear difficult to work into your wardrobe. Perhaps it’s the glossy metallics, the deconstructed clothing or the down-right weird (see: Gucci Balaclavas) that you don’t love but here are 25 choices of statement jacket which we do.

My 25 favorite pieces are highlighted with editors choice - so now you know what i'd like for Christmas!

25 Future Fashion Statement Jackets We Think You Should Own (and where to buy them)

Must have styles for statement jacket

The Classic Trench with a Twist

Every year the trench coat comes back into fashion; it’s a classic piece of Fall fashion. This year, why not mix things up by swapping out the typical tan for something different? Wax, vinyl, transparent or leather trench coats are the way to go. Find yourself a classic point collar to definitely be on trend this year.

Embellished Denim Jacket

The futuristic trend features a lot of metallic detailing in fashion which means it has made its way onto denim trends too. Denim jackets have been enhanced with studs and decorative buckles alongside the deconstructed panels and graphic detailing. The style brings an industrial apocolyptic vibe to the trend so i'd advise combining a statement jacket with something casual to see the full impact. 

The Investment: Designer Leather Jacket

Similar to what's popular with denim jackets, leather jackets have been upgraded for fall/winter this year. My advice? If you're looking for a new leather jacket, why not make it a designer leather jacket? A designer leather jacket should be a statement piece - and the best thing about Fashiola? You can search and compare for the best price, discount codes or shipping costs. See below.

Taking de-constructed to the extreme: Capes

Yep, capes are back and make an excellent adition to the futuristic feel of the season. Whilst wearing a cape you can glide around space, perfectly streamlined. In all seriousness, capes and ponchos are coming back into fashion - for it to work with this vibe, opt for rainproof capes or grayscale. Wear a cape with a pair of skinny distressed jeans and some lace up boots to complete the look. 

Curious to find  more deconstructed styles? Check out JUNYA WATANABE's collection.

Out of the Ordinary Overcoats

You shouldn’t go through fall or winter without an overcoat; they are the perfect choice of outerwear to transform an ordinary outfit. Put yourself out-there with a showstopper overcoat. Whether you’re introducing electric colors to your coat collection, wild prints or more of the alternative choice materials an overcoat can be worn with a-n-y-thing.

Waterproof Wax Jackets 

One of my favorite styles of outerwear; I invested in a proper raincoat last winter and have never looked back. This year inject some electric colors into your rainwear – especially if its going to be a gloomy day. The other end of the spectrum would be to opt for a transparent rain jacket, you must have clocked the trend by now. In particular, it means you still get to show of what’s underneath - you can read our blog on how to style them, here.

Metallic Puffer Jackets

If you've read any of Fashiola's other recent content, you will know we're crazy about puffer jackets this year - and for a good reason! Those blankets of clouds are super comfortable, will keep you warm and seriously stylish. This year we're all about the metallics, but you can also look for oversized, longline or (you guessed it) deconstructed versions of this trend. 

Which of these statement jackets has gone straight onto your wishlist? Take a chance this year and opt for a future-proof trend!

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