What The Heck Are You Doing Now, Gucci?!

By Sophie Tarif | News | Ads Disclosure | 03/01/2019

As might you expect from a group of editors at Fashiola, we often get into little discussions about the latest fashion trends, designs we love and designers we don't. More often than not, we get into a debate about who our favorite designer brands are.

Now, this can be a big topic of conversation; making a decision about who your favorite brand is can be difficult, especially true for those of us carefully following the trends. But not for me. I know who my favorite brand is, it's Gucci, I'm 98% sure of it.

What The Heck Are You Doing Now, Gucci?

Why Gucci?

Is it a cliché to say Gucci is my favorite? You have probably seen Gucci plastered all over Instagram, scrolling through endless images of the Bee Sneakers or Gucci belts? But that's not what I love about Gucci... 

I wish I knew more about what goes on behind closed doors at Gucci, just to spend one day with the creative team, because what’s coming out the Italian fashion house is absolute madness, and I love that. Gucci has been officially confirmed as the most popular brand of 2018 and managed to do so whilst producing some of the wildest and most random products. We can run through some examples:

The latest 'vintage' sneakers that cost $870.

Obviously, it's ridiculous that any of us pay for distressed fashion (sorry, I sound like my mom) but I will happily buy a pair of jeans which have been perfectly ripped or frayed for me - but I think I draw the line when you buy brand new Gucci sneakers which are made to look dirty (and come with a warning saying that the vintage effect might be different?!)

New Gucci Sneakers

The Flashtrek Sneakers

Chunky, ‘ugly’ sneakers have been a huge trend for the last 18 months, and again, I quite like them. Gucci has obviously capitalized on this and then gone the extra mile - if your chunky Gucci sneakers weren’t stand out enough, you can add rhinestones to them for an additional $600.

AND in case that wasn’t enough, the style (and rhinestones) have been translated to a chunky sandal, seamlessly taking you through to the summer.


Gucci Sandals

And on the topic of Gucci shoes, I'd love to have seen the creative process behind these...

Bet you wished you'd stop to take a closer look at Gucci months ago now, hey? I've thoroughly enjoyed watching what's next and browsing through the new Gucci collections. And all joking aside, there are of course some very cool things coming out of Gucci right now, some pieces I really love.

But, what else?
Should we even address the big cats?

Gucci Big Cats

Obviously, as I say, it's not all madness as they have held onto the most popular brand in 2018 and I'm confident that will continue in 2019.  But when they’re not putting something seemingly totally randomly together, they are totally pulling off kitsch (in the best way possible).

Gucci Gone Wild


I am fascinated with the weird and wonderful things happening at Gucci and look forward to seeing what's next. And truthfully, they must know that if they throw out a few random out-there products whilst sitting alongside the traditional Gucci we all know, a few fashion editors will take the opportunity to write about them or caption ?! on Instagram. But I can admit it, I've been well and truly Guccified.

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