Virgil Abloh Takes to the Courts #OFFWHITE

By Sophie Tarif | News | Ads Disclosure | 05/30/2019

Does it seem like a curveball that Virgil Abloh, the designer and brains behind the OFF-WHITE brand, might start designing for tennis players? Perhaps so, but this isn’t the first time that Abloh and Serena Williams have teamed up. Check out what the tennis superstar wore to the French Open this weekend and some of their collabs in the past.

Virgil Abloh Takes to the Courts #OFFWHITE

Serena Williams has been a long standing member of Nike's ambassadors, whilst OFF-WHITE started their partnership with Nike in 2017.  This look was spurred on by a reaction to Serena (and all other players) being told they could not wear catsuits on court – pictured below.

 “When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender”

About a year later, this is what we get. A fresh take on the tennis two-piece, complete with cape. “Mother, “ “Champion,“ “Queen,” “Goddess,” – these are the world, translated into French, which were printed onto the back on the cape. All synonyms for empowerments, these words describe how Serena felt whilst playing in her catsuit.

Tennis is a sport filled with longstanding traditions, but perhaps it's about time we broke up some these norms? The ability to be creative has made itsway into nearly just about every other sport... why not here, by two very inspirational leaders within their industries?

Did you know… I recently discovered that the reason tennis players wear white is because when you wore other colors you could see players getting all sweaty, and back in the day,  viewers thought this was unsightly. Well, now it’s 2019 so we can get all sweaty and wear tutus on court if we want to. What could this mean for the future of tennis and potential designer collaborations?

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