The Golden Globes: Who wore what? Fiji Water Girl

By Sophie Tarif | News | Ads Disclosure | 01/08/2019
Golden Globes: Who wore what? Fiji Water Girl

As you will all know, last night was the 76th Golden Globes. An opportunity for stars to celebrate their accomplishments from the last year from the big screens. Amongst these opportunities, celebrities don their favorite brands for all important Red Carpet moment. 

Despite the thousands spent by celebrities on couture, bespoke and decadent looks all eyes were on one outfit, an understated number, and yet if you've spent more than 3 minutes on your phone this morning you will have definitely seen her. The star of the show: Fiji Water Girl. 

But what was so special about this look? Is it that Fiji Water Girl is well aware that the runway romance trend has found its moment of glory as a cobalt blue, tiered dress at the Golden Globes - a trend that this particular editor has started to harp on about. (see: Trends for 2019)
Or might this be a chicken or egg situation? What will have come first: the romanticized fashion or Fiji Water Girl? Either way, this might be the defining moment in dress trends for the following year.

I'm sure this will be one of 2019's unsolved mysteries - but what we do know, is where you can buy an imitation dress. As we say, tiered dresses are one of Editor's Choice for the month - as you become more aware of the trend you'll start to learn more about the big players, Self-Portrait, Prada, The Row, and more.

Perhaps you aren't interested in choosing a particular shade of blue that associated you with a bottled water brand but see this as a springboard for inspiration, and look below for our top choices. 

And what a great choice it was! Literally transferrable from the red carpet to a casual look at the beach, there are so many different variations of the trend.

Although I'm sad to see that this publicity stunt was unfortunately centered around bottled water and this hoo-har means an overlooked opportunity to talk through some of the more progressive and empowering outfit choices from the likes of Billy Porter, Judy Greer, and Cody Fern on the red carpet last night - sometimes, I just love the internet's fabulous response to something so funny. Thank you, Fiji Water Girl.

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