Beyoncé joins the Balmain Army

By Sophie Tarif | News | 05/11/2018


You have to be living under a rock if you have missed the coverage of Beyoncé's ground-breaking set at Coachella this weekend. True to her form, Beyoncé nailed the powerhouse vocals alongside impressive choreography. And what else would you expect from Queen B? Not only was Beyoncé the first black female artist to headline at Coachella; she also performed the longest dancing sequence to date, of course. And to think that all this wasn't enough, Beyoncé was joined onstage by sister Solange, JAY-Z and even managed to coordinate a surprise reunion from Destiny's Child. Beyoncé nailed her performance at Coachella, wowing us with a show-stopping set and a celebration of black womanhood - and she did it all looking fantastic.

Beyoncé joins the Balmain Army 

Beyoncé knew she wanted a designer to give life to each of her survivor performances and found Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director at Balmain, whose futuristic military inspired Autumn show was the perfect match. Olivier Rousteing, who at 25 is the youngest appointed Creative Director in Pairs, is also a strong advocate for diversity within the fashion industry and has grown the #Balmainarmy through his creative use of social media. 


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Beyoncé and all her dancers came onto stage looking exquisite in Rousteing's iconic designs.


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Do you want to join the Balmain Army too?

Balmain's style is both distinctive and versatile. Balmain oozes an edgy vibe and yet the choice of material and patterns are almost formal. This makes the brand great from day-to-night.

Check out our Balmain summer office wear look - perfect to wear with an iconic Balmain blazer

Balmain inspired worklook

And to end the night? A collection of Balmain's studded clothing and logo-eccentric prints.

Party in Balmain

If all you really want to do is feel like a superstar too, here are our favorite of Balmain's glittery, sequined and bedazzling pieces. Check out the newest Balmain collection of clothing, accessories and footwear or follow the #balmainarmy on Instagram! 

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Balmain and Beyoncé have joined forces once again and have revealed that the BalmainxBeyoncé collection of hoodies and tees will be launched world wide on July 14th. The Balmain collection has been inspired by key designs from Beyoncé's Coachella looks. Find out more about where you can buy these pieces as soon as we do!

B X BALMAIN IN ROME OTRII Cant wait for Paris ????????

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Looking to buy the BalmainxBeyoncé; check out what's available at Mytheresa. What are your thoughts on the Balmain collection? Let us know in the comments!


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