How to wear green...?

By Juuli Lilleberg | Ads Disclosure | 11/06/2019 14:28
light green blazer

At the end of last year, we took a gamble on the color green and said it would be the color of summer 2019 – well, it was more like an educated guess. Looks like it might have paid off! Unsurprisingly, green is a color which invokes peace and is reminiscent of nature. How do you incorporate these feelings into your everyday style however?

green and leopard print

What’s great about green is that it’s well suited to a number of color and print combinations. There are your obvious neutral tones you can combine it with, black and brown, but don’t be afraid to combine a rich green with leopard print. Denim is also worn well with green; actually, your opportunities are pretty endless!

How to wear green?

We’ve put together a collection of green outfits to give you more inspiration on how to combine this color into your everyday style.

The mint green power suit

Yara Michels combines a green suit with gray-check coat to look like the ultimate lady boss.

wear with green

A green blazer with denim

The check green blazer adds a colorful twist to your everyday office outfit. You can also wear this perfectly with some jeans and sneakers in your spare time.

how to wear green

Power outfits 

Do you dare to experiment with your clothes? Looking for how to wear green with jewelry? Although you can definitely pull off a green and silver look, we think green lends itself better to be styled with a punchy gold.

how to wear green accessories

Bomber time! 

How to wear a green bomber? Easy! You get a cool street style vibe when you put together an all black outfit, finished with a green bomber. Add biker boots to the look and you have put together a casual but cool outfit.

green bomber jacket

With a pleated skirt

Wear something more chic in the form of a pleated skirt or party dress. As you can see below, you can wear a pleated skirt in a casual way. For a party, you might combine these with a pair of black high heels. Nude or brown sandals or a pair of sneakers are of course also options.

how to wear green pleated skirt

Combat pants

If the chic pleated skirt isn't really your style, why not look to the utility trend for inspiration? These combat pants are definitely coming back into style and can be made to look feminine when paired with a risqué top.

green combat trousers

Neon green

As the 80's continues to influence the fashion of today, sickly neons are still popping up all over the place. If you love the trend but think it's a bit bold, wear a flashy green sweater under a blazer or light jacket, and wear with a classic pair of mom jeans.

How to wear green?
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