How to mix and match prints in your outfits

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 25/05/2022 17:31
How to mix and match prints in your outfits
Stunning outfits with a mix of different prints.

It is time to change the game and assume your prints-on-prints looks. Mixing prints was for a long time considered a fashion faux pas, but not anymore.

Dare to add some spice and fun to your look, combining tops, bottoms and accessories with distinct prints: florals, stripes, dots, animal prints and more. 

You just need to follow some rules… or not! 

Mix prints of different sizes 


Finding a balance between the proportions of your prints is key. The different patterns should compliment each other without overwhelming your look. For that, pair small detailed prints with bolder prints. For example, wear a shirt decorated in small exciting polka dots and layer it with a simple oversized striped blazer and a plain wide leg pants. Here are some of our beautiful printed blazer that can help you rock a similar look:

Add solid accessories


It is always a good idea to add a solid color piece to tone down a busy outfit. Neutral accessories are always useful in that case. You can use a simple leather belt for example between a striped top and an animal printed skirt to give the eye a break. Fashiola has thousands of plain accessory options that will make your printed outfit look great.

Keep color in mind

How to mix and match prints in your outfits
Outfit with mixed prints of the same color palette.

Try to stay within the same color scheme to ensure that your printed pieces look like they belong together. Not a fan of head-to-toe color? You can add a piece with a monochromatic patterns. White, black and grey will always bring balance and homogeneity to an outfit.  If you are planning on pairing contrasting colors, keep the prints simple.

Here are some pieces with monochromatic prints from our selection in case you want to try this tip out!

Get over the power clash 


It is wrong to think that prints that have nothing in common are incompatible. In fact, they can be very powerful put together. Even if they may seem like a ‘fashion faux pas’ Don’t be afraid to mix them and create some magical and unique looks. Here is the Fashion Queen Hailey Bieber looking stunning with her colorful mixed prints. 


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