Hot Pink: The 2022 Rule

By Laura Ghattas | Ads Disclosure | 07/07/2022 09:12
Hot Pink: The 2022 Rule
Hot Pink is the hottest color of the season. Don't miss it out!

Hot Pink is the “IT” color of 2022. The color did not go unnoticed: from the runway to the red carpet, your favorite celebrities are pulling it off in their looks.

Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and Versace are a few of the fashion luxury houses that featured Hot Pink in their newest collections. Hot Pink outfits are having a moment, and the end of this trend is not near.

Hot Pink is THE must-have color in your closet! Discover some of our favorite pieces: 

The Hot Pink Dress

The Hot Pink dress is one of our favorite styles to wear in summer. From flowy styles for romantic summer sunsets to mini dresses or bodycon dresses for weddings or late-night parties, we’ve got something for every kind of vibe. Styling this dress can be fun. You can combine it with different pieces, like gold earrings, to have a fresh and attractive look without overdoing it. Have a look at our collection of Hot Pink dresses.


The Hot Pink Blazer


The Hot Pink Blazer is THE statement item. It adds a feminine and sophisticated note to any look. You can pair it with a white tank top, a short in jeans and heeled sandals, or with a little white dress. If you feel like going a little EXTRA, wear Hot Pink pieces from head to toe. A beautiful Hot Pink oversized blazer matched with a high-waisted trousers, a purse, and some little heels will just look fabulous together. Here is Dua Lipa looking fierce in this look:


The Hot Pink Purse

Adding colorful accessories to an outfit is always fun. You don’t need to be a fashion master to do it! Wearing a Hot Pink purse with a simple look will automatically pop. We absolutely love Zendaya and the latest Valentino collection (which includes a lot of Hot Pink)


The Hot Pink Bucket Hat

You can add a Hot Pink bucket hat to an oversized black t-shirt and baggy jeans and just look fabulous. Hot pink tends to be a controversial color. Some love it, others hate it. But one thing is sure - a Hot Pink bucket hat will definitely bring FIRE to your Instagram. Pick your favorite one!


The Hot Pink Heels

Hot pink heels are a must-have pair in your closet. They bring an instant feminine and chic finish to any look. Wear them with a white dress, or a white shirt with jeans and match your bag with it. You can also wear them with a monochromatic pink outfit. Of course, no one rocks this look like Kim Kardashion does.


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